SpaceX shared this stunning view of the awaiting launch of the Falcon 9.


SpaceX will convert one of its Falcon 9 rockets into the space equivalent of a crowded Uber when it launches its Transporter-1 ride-sharing mission from Cape Canaveral in Florida as early as Sunday. The payload for this mission includes an abundance of small satellites from government and commercial entities, along with 10 private SpaceX Starlink Satellite broadband.

We learned on Thursday that the shipment will include 48 SuperDove satellites for Planet Labs, bringing the total to 133 satellites in one launch.

SpaceX confirmed the total number of satellites in the combined transport payload. There was some last-minute shift after two DARPA satellites accidentally collided Damaged earlier this month at the treatment facility. The Starlink satellites were also a last-minute addition. The payload includes several Nanoracks and Small Spacecraft More from the German Space Center (DLR)And the US Department of Defense and many others.

The launch was originally scheduled to take place in December, but has been postponed several times, including from Saturday, when the weather pushed it to Sunday.

The enhanced Falcon 9 will make its fifth flight and is expected to land on a drone stationed in the Atlantic shortly after the flight. SpaceX will also likely try to retrieve the gift, or nose cone, a step that has become a routine part of every mission.

Launch is set at 7 AM PDT (10 AM ET) with a 22-minute launch window. The entire mission will be broadcasted as usual by SpaceX. You can follow up below starting around 10 minutes before launch.

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