Three times the narrow end of the Pro Bowl Greg Olsen He announced ahead of Sunday’s NFC Championship match that he intends to retire and join Fox Sports NFL coverage.

Olsen spent the 2021 season with the Seattle Seahawks after spending the previous nine with the Carolina Panthers, becoming the first narrow end in NFL history to have three consecutive seasons at 1,000 yards from 2014-16.

Panthers Olsen, 35, launched during the 2020 off-season season under new coach Matt Reoll. He signed a $ 6.6 million one-year deal with Seattle in February.

In July, Olsen signed a deal to be Fox Sports’ # 2 NFL Television Analyst, alongside Kevin Burkhardt, after his retirement.

“I’m proud of what I’ve been able to achieve in this league, and proud of the relationships and all the game has given me,” Olsen said during a pre-match show on Fox Sports. “But sometimes, when the time comes, the time and the time in NFL are now over. I’m excited. For the next chapter … I’ve got everything off my system. “

He was welcomed on Twitter by both Panthers and Seahawks after his announcement.

Olsen played last season for Seattle in hopes of achieving the one thing he felt was missing in his 14-year career – the Super Bowl title.

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This was not as planned. He earned 24 passes for 239 yards and touchdowns 11 games in the regular season and was held without being hunted in eight shots in Seattle’s loss of the Wild Cards to the Los Angeles Rams.

Olsen spent four weeks in injured reservoirs with a torn plantar fascia – a foot injury he suffered in Carolina – and then missed the Seahawks’ regular season final after his return at Week 16.

After his foot injury in Week 11, Olsen posted a picture of himself limping off the field and vowing that this wouldn’t be the way his NFL career ended.

Olsen posted a file Next message on social media After announcing his retirement:

“As a little kid, I never dreamed of playing in the NFL. At the time, my dreams didn’t go further than the local high school team my dad trained. My dad is still the best coach ever. He introduced me and my siblings to the game at a young age and poured all over An ounce of himself to help us reach our potential.Mom was the biggest fan on the stands since the beginning.She was the loudest and most proud.Our rock was when we lost and our shoulder was when Dad was so tough.

“These past 14 years have allowed me to take this trip with my best friend. My wife, Cara, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Since our first meeting in Miami, she has been by my side the whole time. It hasn’t been living with me for the past 14 years. An easy task.I try to remind myself of this truth every day.My three children, Tate, TJ, and Talbot have taught me a life older than me and my own desires are my wishes.I look forward to the next chapter together as a family, and look forward to catching up with the many moments I missed while chasing this life.

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“To countless of my teammates, coaches and staff in Chicago, Seattle and especially Carolina, I thank you. You have shaped me and shaped me into the player and person I am today.

“I try not to look back and feel remorse. I have a lot to be proud of throughout my career. But when I look back in my professional life, I have two. I regret not having reached the top of the mountain. I regret leaving the field under the weight of confetti, but the fulfillment of our dream came Short.

“Watching time pass by, in an empty stadium, knowing it will be my last game. Not having the ability to be surrounded by my loved ones. Not being able to embrace them and thank them for their lifetime of love and sacrifice.

“ Life doesn’t always go as planned, but it was a wonderful journey. ”

Olsen finished as the all-time leader of Carolina receiving yards (6,463), receptions (524) and receiving 100 yards (10) with a narrow end. His 60th landing holds the eighth place among all NFL tight ends.

Drafted by the Chicago Bears with the choice of draft number 31 in 2007 from the University of Miami, Olsen traded with the Panthers in 2011.

ESPN’s Brady Henderson contributed to this report.

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