The FBI's investigation of lawmakers in Tennessee appears to focus on the obscure campaign activities

The FBI’s investigation of lawmakers in Tennessee appears to focus on the obscure campaign activities

Nashville, TEN (WTVF) – Shadow groups working behind the scenes to settle Republican accounts – are playing with untraceable money.

This situation, first revealed before Channel 5 investigations, He appears to be leading a recent FBI investigation into Capitol Hill corruption.

On Friday, FBI agents pulled evidence boxes from Capitol Hill, Tennessee. From that evidence, NewsChannel 5 learned that computers and other materials may be linked to a host of shadowy campaign companies.

It was part of a series of early morning raids that began on the Franklin residence of former House Speaker Glenn Casada.

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Also targeted were: two former Cassada aides, along with Republican Rep. Robin Smith from Hamilton County and newly elected Representative Todd Warner of Marshall County.

Last summer, NewsChannel 5 revealed for the first time how offensive aid, targeting Rep. Rick Tillis of Lewisburg, was sent by a mysterious group, the Faith Family Freedom Fund, which claimed it had neither raised nor spent any money.

We discovered that the ZIP number used for one of those letters was the same as that used by Todd Warner … who went on to defeat Teles in the Republican primaries.

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“A lot of unaccounted-for money has flowed into this race,” said Eric Shelzig, editor-in-chief of The Tennessee Journal, a well-respected political newsletter. “Nobody really knows where it came from and who was spending it.”

After the NewsChannel 5 report, Schelzig conducts deep research into the finances behind that mysterious campaign to oust Telles, whom Glen Casada targets in defeat.

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Casada backed Warner “who spent more than $ 120,000 of his own money, which surprised many people there because he had just declared federal bankruptcy a few years ago because he was unable to pay off $ 20 million in debt,” Schelzig noted.

This postal authorization number led to a little-known company called Phoenix Solutions outside of New Mexico. Phoenix Solutions has worked with a number of Republican candidates.

A Tennessee Journal editor added, “Phoenix Solutions is a new player on the political scene in Tennessee and this is where he relates to Representative Robin Smith, who has pushed to use this seller since he came to the legislature.”

After a NewsChannel 5 investigation resulted in Casada resigning as speaker of the House in the summer of 2019, a financial review of his campaign revealed $ 100,000 in expenditures for which he had no receipts.

And the NewsChannel 5 are investigating Revealing alleged bribery allegations, Casada offered to pass school coupons – an allegation he denied.

Now, there is this investigation.

“It seems like once they start raising the onion, they’ll find a lot of items to look closely at – it’s a lot more to do with mysterious fundraising and activities that don’t come up on the board at the first blush,” said Shelzig.

As for Representative Kent Calvey, the Ron County Republican whose office was raided, Capitol sources tell NewsChannel 5 that the focus is on his assistant, not on him. The assistant’s daughter is dating former Cassada Chief of Staff, Cady Catherine.

Todd Warner’s attorney also sent the following statement:

Rep. Todd Warner is a successful small businessman, farmer, and new legislator. Representative Warner and his family were shocked by the events of Friday, January 8. Federal agents descended on Representative Warner’s home and work in Marshall County while looking for arrest warrants, the contents of which are still surrounded by the government. Because Rep. Warner was not charged with any wrongdoing.

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“Rep. Warner can assure the people of his district that he has not violated any laws and welcomes any investigation.”

“Representative Warner’s goal now is to serve all citizens in his district, whether they vote for him or not, and he looks forward to the swearing-in on Tuesday, January 12th.”

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