Students take a photo during Korea University’s matriculation ceremony in March last year. [YONHAP}

Korea University is planning to create a department specializing in Korea’s entertainment industry, open exclusively to international students.
Creating the so-called Global Entertainment Department was discussed during the university’s recent board of directors meeting, a university spokesperson confirmed to the Korea JoongAng Daily Monday.
The department, if created, will offer courses in fields such as the overall Korean entertainment industry, film, music, webtoons and games and is likely to only accept non-Korean students.  
Jung Yoon-hyuk, dean of the university’s School of Media & Communication, said the university “aims to create an entertainment-related department that’s only for international students because Korea’s entertainment industry is becoming popular, with international students having a strong preference toward the field,” according to the board meeting minutes.
Limiting admission to international students for the to-be-created department would also mean the university doesn’t have to reduce the student quota for other departments, according to the minutes. International student admissions are outside the regular admissions quota and are more flexible.
Most of the courses offered in the department will be taught in English, although some of the practical training courses may be offered in Korean.  
Local media reported Sunday that the department will start with only admitting foreigners, with plans to later open the program to Korean students as well. The university spokesperson, however, said specific details can’t be confirmed, as the university is only in the discussion stages and since plans haven’t been finalized yet.  
The university also discussed promoting the current School of Media & Communication, an academic department, into a college. This could allow the to-be-created Global Entertainment Department to be placed under the School of Media & Communication.  

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