With the NFL season ending on us, that means the annual League purge is about to kick off on high alert. When the season began in September, 32 coaches were roaming the sidelines around the NFL, but not every one of them will return in 2021.

As a matter of fact, we already know three coaches who will definitely not return and they are Bill O’Brien, Dan Quinn and Matt Patricia, who were all left out during the season. Three times a season was the highest number the NFL has seen since 2010 when four coaches were abandoned.

Heading into the 2021 season, there could be up to six teams looking for a new coach and that number could jump higher if we see any sudden moves. We’ll be tracking the latest news as teams start searching for the right coach. To keep you up-to-date with the latest class operations, rumors, and appointments, be sure to follow the training tracker tools below.

Fired: Bill O’Brien
Tenant: to be announced later on

O’Brien was the first coach to be sacked this season and the move came last October when he was the Texas side I decided to give him a pink slip After the 0-4 start that included losses in HeadsAnd the Steelers And the Crows. Since then, Texans have done I hired a search company To help them find their new coach. According to research firm ESPN.com I recommend Seahawks Attack coordinator Brian Schottenheimer as someone Houston should consider hiring. It’s also believed Houston will watch Chiefs Attack Coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Although Texas has not officially interviewed any of these candidates, they have given at least two interviews and these Came with former NFL coaches Marvin Lewis and Jim Caldwell. Texas also has an open job at GM and The belief that they will fulfill this role Before hiring a new coach.

Fired: Dan Quinn
Tenant: to be announced later on

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Since the launch of Dan Quinn in October after the start of 0-5Team Falcons play things close to the jacket about who they might hire next. At the time Quinn was abandoned, the team officially only interviewed one candidate, and This is a temporary coach Raheem Morris. to me NFL.comHawks also seem to have their eyes set on Defense Coordinators Todd Bowles (Pirates(And Brandon Staley)Rams) With Titans Attack Coordinator Arthur Smith. Although the Falcons have yet to interview any of these three, they have set up Two interviews for Monday. One of these interviews will be with 49-member Defense Coordinator Robert Saleh while the other will be with Chiefs Offensive Operations Coordinator Eric Bieniemy. The Falcons will also be in the market for GM after Thomas Dimitrov has been fired.

Fired: Patricia died
Tenant: to be announced later on

The Lions gave the NFL a Thanksgiving surprise when the team just decided to fire Patricia Two days after losing 41-25 blasts to Texas on Turkey Day. Since the shooting, the Lions have only given one interview and it came at the end of December with the former Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis. According to Fox Sports, the Lions will be interested in speaking to several candidates, including interim coach Daryl Bevel, Chiefs Attack Coordinator Eric Binemi, and 49ers Defense coordinator Robert Saleh. Lions are also expected to take a look at Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald, According to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora.

Fired: Adam Gas

Gase tried to save his job with two big wins over the Rams and Browns at the end of the season, but that wasn’t enough to convince Jets to keep him. Gase was fired on Sunday after only two seasons with the team as he went only 9-23. With Gase out, don’t be surprised if Jets looks up the college classes. When the job opened two years ago, they interviewed several college coaches before hiring Gase and it wouldn’t be surprising if they interviewed so many candidates from college ranks this time. Jason La Canvora reports on CBS Sports NFL Insider that the team may end up showing interest in both Pat Fitzgerald of Northwestern and Dan Mullen of Florida. Airplanes could also catch up with Marvin Lewis due to his relationships with current New York General Manager Joe Douglas. Douglas also loves Ravens’ defense coordinator Wink Martindale and it wouldn’t be surprising if he reached out to him. Two other names that should be noted are the two attack coordinators Brian Dabol (Invoices) And Arthur Smith (Titans)

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Fired: Doug Brown

When the Jaguars team fired General Manager Dave Caldwell back in November, it seemed like only a matter of time before they fired Marrone and that’s exactly what happened on Monday. Marrone was knocked out in Jacksonville after a season in which Jaguars finished 1–15 to earn the best overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Jason La Canvora of CBS Sports NFL reported earlier that if Maroon gets fired, the Jags will give some Think hard to hire an ex Ohio State Coach Urban Mayer. According to NFL.com, Mayer and current OSU coach Ryan Day will be considered for an open Jaguars job. One thing to remember about this job is that it is one of the most attractive jobs in the NFL. Not only was Jacksonville sitting in the first public pick in the 2021 draft, but the Jags also have plenty of room to work with for the upcoming season, which means a new coach – and a new GM – can make things turn beautifully quickly.

Fired: Anthony Lin

The Chargers won their last four matches of the season, but that wasn’t enough to save Lynn’s job. Although Lynn led that team to the playoffs in 2018, the past two seasons have not been kind to the Chargers head coach. Not only was he 11-21 over the past two years, but the Chargers’ team had also taken the most losses during that period, many of which came due to questionable end-of-game training. With Justin Herbert on the list this would be a coveted job and one must-see name is Brian Daboll. The Bills Attack Coordinator went to high school with Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco and it wouldn’t be surprising if Telesco had arrived in the near future.

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The coaches are expected to return

Zach Taylor: Although the Bengals are expected to make multiple changes to their coaching staff in the off-season, Taylor won’t be one of them. He doesn’t only do that if he’s in a close relationship with Joe BoroBut he also had a win over the Steelers under his belt, which means a lot in Cincinnati. Basically, Taylor will definitely have at least one more year to figure things out.

Doug Pederson: Despite the ugly season, Pederson is expected to keep his job. According to ESPN.com, Pederson He will be meeting with Eagles owner Geoffrey Lowry On Tuesday, during that meeting, they will talk about their vision for 2021. It will likely be one of the main topics Carson Wentz, Who apparently doesn’t want to be in Philadelphia anymore. ESPN I mentioned that Wentz He had demanded a business deal, and the big reason for that was to break his relationship with Pederson.

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