United States lawyers opposed Musimo GiannulliRequest to leave prison early and serve what is left of it Five months At home, days after the fashion designer urged the court.

Federal document filed by US Attorney Andrew E. Leeling on Jan.19 and acquired by Fox News show that the plaintiffs disagree Laurie LoughlinHer husband asked, and they are asking the Federal Court to stand with them and his request is rejected.

“The government respectfully submits this opposition to the proposal of the defendant Musimo Giannoli to reduce the sentence. Giannoli claims that the measures taken by the Prison Office to protect it from the COVID-19 pandemic were“ more extreme ”than the court had contemplated in imposing the sentence, and that, as a result, they should be reduced His sentence is more than half, “Liling wrote in his response.

The US attorney notes that while the prosecution acknowledges that he has spent a long time in quarantine – from which he has now been released – this is partly due to the fact that he has been exposed to other inmates with COVID-19, and partly to the fact that he complained of symptoms consistent with the virus. But this possibility was not out of the question at the time Giannoli was sentenced, and it does not provide a basis for reducing the punishment that this court concluded as fair and appropriate.

Lori Loughlin’s husband, Musimo Giannulli, requests to serve the remainder of the five-month prison sentence at home

The government continues to state that “any reduction in Giannulli’s sentence will be made widely public, undermining the deterrent effect of the court’s ruling. The government says with respect that the best course of action is to allow BOP to assess whether Giannulli is a suitable candidate for confinement at home, as it would in context. Normal to assess how to reduce the number of prisoners during the epidemic. “

The lawsuit concluded that “for the above reasons, the government respectfully requests the court to reject Giannoli’s request to amend his sentence to house arrest.”

The registration comes less than a week since Loughlin’s husband, who is 57 years old, asked to “release him from prison office custody and serve the remainder of his prison sentence at home.”

In Giannulli’s application, his attorneys note that the time he spent in solitary confinement was unexpected. Submit a report to a facility in Lombok, California on November 19.

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As of Wednesday, Giannoli had spent 56 days in solitary quarantine. His lawyers say this, along with the need to reduce the prison population due to the dangers of COVID-19, are providing “extraordinary and compelling reasons for the court to grant Mr. Janioli a request for relief.”

Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli leave John Joseph Moakley Court, USA, in Boston, on August 27, 2019. Giannulli, 57, is currently serving a five-month prison sentence in Lombok, California.

Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli leave John Joseph Moakley Court, USA, in Boston, on August 27, 2019. Giannulli, 57, is currently serving a five-month prison sentence in Lombok, California.

Giannoli’s lawyers also stated that he had “exhausted administrative remedies by requesting that the Bank of Palestine transfer him to house arrest.”

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Fox News can confirm that Giannulli is finally transferred to a minimum security camp on January 13th.

Online prison records viewed by Fox News show that the 57-year-old man is expected to be released from Lombok on April 17th.

Meanwhile, Loughlin completed a two-month prison sentence weeks earlier. she was Released from the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Dublin, California, on December 28.

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Back in August, Laughlin and Giannulli pleaded guilty to charges arising from $ 500,000 payments to the fraud mastermind. William “Rick” Singer To get their daughters, Olivia is good And Isabella Giannulli, both recruited into the University of Southern California staff team. The two did not participate in the sport.

In their Call agreement, Loughlin, agreed to serve two months and pay a $ 150,000 fine plus two years of supervised release and 100 hours of community service. Meanwhile, Giannoli was ordered to pay a $ 250,000 fine with two years of supervised release and 250 hours of community service plus a five-month prison sentence.

Giannoli’s lawyers did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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