In a recent interview with “Anderson Cooper full circle“Thursday live preview of CNN’s New Years Eve,”Watch what happens live. “ The host told Cooper he couldn’t wait to co-host a The fourth year in a row.

I’m really excited to hang out and hang out with you for five hours in NYC, Cohen said. “Like this to me is a very fun New Year’s Eve plan. So I’m excited to hang out with you, and we’re just going to transform this great show.”

This year’s show will feature some of the biggest stars of the year, including Leslie Jordan, Sarah Cooper, Desus, Miro and John Mayer.

The past three years have produced some unforgettable moments, which they reviewed during our interview. Most notable is probably Cooper’s unfavorable reaction, to say the least, to the shots they took together. Cohen said the favorite alcohol this year is tequila.

And Cooper will not leave Cohen out of the show without questioning him about his hair Cohen has grown this year.

Cooper said, “When friends, you know, care about each other, they, you know, feel it’s okay to just bring up something.” “So I just want to talk about your hair a little. Look, what’s going on with your hair, honey?”

Cohen responded by saying it was “the year of Covid” and that many people were growing their hair, but he will cut it in January.

Have all the fun starting Thursday 8 PM ET on CNN. Unlike previous years, which saw large crowds of revelers, this year’s event will be closed to the public due to the pandemic.

To see the full interview with Cooper and Cohen, go to
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