when Anna de Armas Signed to play Marlin Monroe at The next movie, She didn’t expect to have such difficulty mastering her voice.

The 32-year-old “Knives Out” star revealed that it took her nine months of training to express Monroe’s distinctive voice.

De Armas told the British newspaper Sunday timesIt only took nine months of dialect training, practice, and some ADR sessions.

She added, “It was a lot of torture, very exhausting. My mind was fried.”

Ben Affleck, The Anna De Armas Split Nearly A Year On History: Report

2021 biographical film entitled “Shaqra” and each IMDB It will be a “fictional account of the inner life of Marilyn Monroe”.

It also stars Bobby Cannaval and Adrian Brody and directed by Andrew Dominic.

Actress Marilyn Monroe will be the subject of an upcoming film “Blonde”.
((Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt / Pix Inc./ The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images))

“I had a lot of ideas as a woman in the industry, and even more generally, about how things relate to the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s to these days,” de Armas said. “And how if you don’t have a strong base, with your family and so forth, it’s really hard to succeed – really hard.”

2021 seems like a busy year for De Armas, as she plays a Bond girl in the movie “No Time to Day” which is due to be shown in theaters on October 8, 2021, after multiple delays due to pandemic.

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Cuban born actress Recently split With Actor / Writer / Director Ben Affleck. They were first linked to each other in March 2020 after meeting on the set of their movie ‘Deep Waters’.

Ben Affleck and Anna de Armas split after nearly a year of dating.  (Getty / AP, File)

Ben Affleck and Anna de Armas split after nearly a year of dating. (Getty / AP, File)

People magazine She mentioned that the breakup happened because the stars were in “different stages of their lives”.

“There is a deep love and respect there,” a source told the outlets. “Ben continues his desire to work on himself. He has three arranged jobs and is a strong home father. They are both happy with their places in their lives.”

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Another factor is close to Ex-spouses She added that she “cut it”.

“Their relationship was complicated,” the source added. “Anna doesn’t want to be from Los Angeles and it’s clear Ben has to do that because his kids live in Los Angeles.”

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