Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink
Photo: Ben Horton / Getty Images for Elysium Art

Yesterday, violent right-wing terrorists stormed their way to the U.S. Capitol after a pro-Trump protest that every person on the planet – except, oddly enough, anyone involved in law enforcement – knew that it would escalate to dangerous levels, leading to a day the United States would never live. And you should never live. And the to me pitchforkThere were two familiar faces in the crowd outside the White House, namely Ariel Pink and John Moss. The two appeared in a photo posted by director Alex Lee Muir from Washington, D.C., prompting Pink to do so tweet He was there “for a peaceful show [his] Support the president “and that he” went back to the hotel and took a nap “before all the strife began. That’s cool, right? He was just there to express how much he admired the stupid tyrant who had driven the protesters into rage in the first place and had spent the past four years convincing people that he was universally loved And that the only possible explanation for anything bad that happens to him is an extensive conspiracy of the supernatural Antifa soldiers who (despite the name) are Reality Fascists. So, if “I was just at a peaceful gathering at the White House” was supposed to be a defense, that’s pretty stupid.

As for Maus, its interpretation is a little more difficult. He posted a link on Twitter to A piece of religious writing from 1937 Which condemns the deification of certain people or governments, which may seem so oppositeTrump, but apart from what the hell this means, no explanation has been provided. Also, As our friends pointed out in Jezebel, Was one of Adult Swim’s musical artists Display a short-term drawing alternately to the right Million Dollar Gifts: World Peace And he seemed to refuse to consider the possibility that the people he worked with were anything but “nice.” after every thing, like he said Noisy In 2017, they weren’t “burning crosses or doing anything like that.” Once again: you idiot.

This brings us to Alex Lee Muir, who said pitchfork In an email she was there because she “felt the need to record what was happening”. Even today, Muir is perhaps the most famous one TFW not GF, A sympathetic documentary about the feelings that let angry white men online finally He tells their side of the story. Moyer has shared a post on her Instagram now Picture With Pink and Mouse along with the caption: “The day we nearly died but instead had a great time.” a great time! Its good. One could hypothetically ask how you would almost die if you were only in a “peaceful” White House rally and not the Senate Chamber blockage, but whatever. The point is, she had a great time – after going back to our helpful chart on “Clarifications from People Who’ve Been in the Riots” – … let’s see here … oh yeah, idiot.

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