Asus is preparing to release the first gaming monitor to support HDMI 2.1, which has enough bandwidth to display up to 4K resolution at 120 frames per second when connected to a compatible Windows PC, Xbox Series X, or PS5. The ROG Swift PG32UQ is, according to Asus, the world’s first 32-inch HDMI 2.1 gaming monitor, and both HDMI ports support the latest standard.

Connectivity via DisplayPort 1.4 enables this monitor to display 4K at a 144Hz refresh rate on a PC if you have components that go this far. For this feature, Asus attributes to a technology called Display Stream Compression (DSC) that compresses UHD streams without a noticeable drop in visual quality.

Like the The Acer Nitro XV28 announced last week, The ROG Swift PG32UQ will only ship at some point in Q2 2021. Asus hasn’t shared a price for this model, but doesn’t expect anything less than $ 899 – that’s the price of Acer’s smaller 28-inch Nitro XV28. Both have a 4K and 144Hz IPS panel with a response time of 1ms, but the Asus might end up being the preferred choice among PC gamers as it has a larger screen with Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. (The XV28 includes FreeSync Premium.)

Asus says Swift is currently undergoing the certification process, but at launch, it should be compatible with Nvidia’s variable refresh rate mode to get rid of screen tears and artifacts.

Back view of the PG32UQ.
Photo: Asus

ROG Swift PG32UQ supports HDR 600, allowing it to reach a peak brightness of 600 cd / m2. This is a little brighter than the aforementioned Acer Nitro but still relatively dim next to many other HDR ready screens. The monitor is factory calibrated to ensure color accuracy, with full coverage of the sRGB series and 98 percent of the DCI-P3 series.

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