BBC apologizes for title in Phil Spector story

BBC apologizes for title in Phil Spector story

– The BBC I have apologized for the title I published about Phil Spector’s death. When news broke Spector death Over the weekend, the news organization quickly published a headline that read: “Talented producer Phil Spector dies at age 81”. However, complaints soon followed, as critics accused BBC From Sugar Spector Coating Convicted of murder in 2009. British pop star Lily Allen was among them. She said, “It raises the eyes of all journalists deliberately underestimating Phil Spector for being a killer in their headlines, so (he points) everyone to it while linking to their articles which leads to a lot of clicks.” chirp. But she was not alone. The London Economic It revolves around other criticisms, including multiple references bearing the name of serial killer Fred West.

Someone says, “Fred West was not a talented builder but he was flawed.” tweet. Soon the Editors at the BBC agreed. “The urgent news of Phil Spector’s death has been published with a title that does not conform to our editorial standards,” the statement read. “This changed within minutes and we also deleted a Tweet that went out automatically with the original title. We apologize for the bug.” New title: “Jailed Pop Producer for Homicide Dies at 81”. The polar contrast to the original BBC title can be found at Digital Repair“The murderer of Lana, Jane Clarkson, dies in prison,” the book states. (Read more Phil Spector stories.)

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