Hammon interfered with a 3:56 left in the second quarter of Tottenham’s match against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers went on to win the match 121-107.

“It is clearly a big deal. It’s a pivotal moment,” Hamon told reporters. “I’ve been part of this organization. Traded here in 2007 (when I was in WNBA), so I’ve been in San Antonio and part of Tottenham and Sports with the Stars and everything for 13 years. I have a lot of time invested, and have a lot of time invested. Me in building and improving my business.

“Honestly, at the moment, I was just trying to win the game. I say this a lot, but I try not to think about the big picture and the huge side of it because it can be overwhelming. My job is to participate there to focus on these guys and make sure I help them do the things they do.” Help us win.

“I didn’t have time to think. I didn’t look at my phone, so I have no idea what’s going on outside of AT&T tonight.”

Hamon said she did not get into the ring thinking she would work as the head coach, “but that’s the way things go and you go with it,” she said. “I was hoping for a different result. Overall, I wish I could win more tonight than anything else.”

Popovic will be credited as head coach in the official stats, but it was a historic moment. How did Hamon discover that she would take over Popovic? She said, “He officially referred to me.” “That was. He said, I’ve got them.”

Hammon, a six-time WNBA star in her 16-year football career, was the first full-time assistant coach in NBA history when she was hired by Tottenham in 2014. She previously worked as Tottenham’s coach during the summer league, which takes place during an off-season period.

Hammon, who was spotted here coaching Tottenham on Wednesday, joined the team as an assistant in 2014, becoming the first woman to hold a full-time coaching position in the NBA.

Hamon is once again a candidate for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame for the 2021st class. Prior to Wednesday’s match, Popovic was asked about it, along with his thoughts on Hammon’s playing days and coaching career.

“Obviously, I think a lot of her abilities were after she hired her. It all started when I saw her play,” Popovic said.

“She was a captain, everyone in the team reacted to her, she was very confident and very competitive and led the whole show. When I got to know her and she was in coaches’ meetings before her appointment, she was hurt for a season, we discovered her talent in the game, her innate understanding of what was going to win, and what to lose. , And what needs to be there to create a program.

“So she has all the tools to be a coach in our league.”

“The future is bright for her. I hope you just stick with it and don’t give up. One day it might happen, and it might not happen, who knows, but she definitely works the right way. I think everyone here appreciates her,” said Dejunt Murray, the Tottenham Hotspur post-match keeper. … she sets an example for every woman out there. “

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