Better trade fits Matthew Stafford

Better trade fits Matthew Stafford

What’s clear after the Saturday night news, after the question about NFL front offices: Matthew Stafford He wants to be a winner. He doesn’t care about the statistics. He wants a chance to compete.

This is the essence of his trade request, which the Detroit Lions will respect by exploring midfield options in the market. He gave it 12 years in Detroit. Did not work. This is good for both parties to admit. And there has never been a cleaner time to do this for three reasons.

Omar: Stafford will turn 33 next month (well, maybe 40 in Lions years) and have a few more major seasons left.

a necklace: His deal is reasonable by the standards of a top midfield player. Stafford, who qualifies for a free agency in 2023, owes $ 53 million over the next two seasons. This is the same commitment Tampa Bay made upon itself Tom Brady Another offseason. The list bonus of $ 10 million is due on the fifth day of the league year, which creates a trading deadline. The maximum for the next two years is $ 33 million and $ 26 million, the first of which can be offset by lions absorbing the remaining $ 10 million from the proportional signature bonus.

compensation: Stafford will be expensive, but the consensus about the league is that this won’t be outrageous. While Deshawn Watson Could pulling shots be justified in any Houston trade, Stafford is generally viewed in the next tier. And perhaps, with a new scene, the Stafford game will reach a new stratosphere.

So what does it take to take down Stafford from the Lions? And what difference should you be in this mix? Here’s how to arrange it all, based on calls made to CEOs across the league over the weekend.

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