Fans can add Betty White To the list of actors Ryan Reynolds Sheltersrunner“With.

The “Dead listActor, known for his comedic events with proverbs Chris Hemsworth And the Hugh Jackman, To Instagram on Sunday to wish White a happy 99th birthday.

The two appeared in the 2009 movie.Suggestion or offerTogether, White played the goofy grandmother Reynolds.

To celebrate her big day, Reynolds, 44, shared a video of his Instagram Story, which he also shared Fan account of “Golden Girls”.

BETTY WHITE TURNS 99, reveals Christmas wishes and thoughts on many of her fans after a long run

“We made this 12 years ago,” Reynolds commented on the video, according to Entertainment tonight. “ Betty is 99 years old today, but she is 100 [percent] The funniest person on the planet. “

Betty White (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right) had a terrifying fake feud in the “suggestion” group.
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The clip begins with Reynolds promoting the movie while he and his co-star, Sandra Bullock. As Reynolds tells fans he plans to give them a “very special behind-the-scenes look” on the film, “White burst into the room, shouting hello to passers-by.

“I am very excited about this interview,” she said.

Bullock angrily asks Reynolds about his “problem with Betty” after he stops the show.

“I don’t have a problem with her, she hates me and I really don’t understand why,” the actor jokes.

Bullock roared off and greets White, flocking to her co-star, calling her “America’s sweetheart.”

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Ryan Reynolds remembers the last time he spoke to Alex Tripp: “Absolutely spirited.”

Then White approaches Reynolds, who is still in his chair. Then she flips the empty chair next to him to face the opposite direction before sitting down and pointing to the star as “Brian”.

“Bring me a cup of coffee,” calls White before Reynolds explains that they have “been working together for weeks,” and they should know who it is.

White response: “So you’ve been a terrible helper the whole time … When Betty White says she wants a cup of coffee, she gets it from a cup of coffee. Ab-crunching jacka-.”

In the caption for his video, Reynolds (left) described his co-star in The Proposal Betty White (right) as

In the caption for his video, Reynolds (left) described his co-star in The Proposal Betty White (right) as “the funniest person on the planet.” Photo: Paul Drinkwater / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

“I’ll tell you exactly what it is, okay? You look like a cute and adorable old lady on the outside, but on the inside … you’re such an angry devil,” Reynolds jokes. “Why don’t you suck c-k.”

Then White runs to Bullock for comfort and the two cuddle up whileGolden girls“ The star turns Reynolds in secret.

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The feud was all joke, as Reynolds previously described Hemsworth as “a bad hat that looks like an f-ked a platypus bodybuilder” and tells Jackman that “everyone hates” amid a pseudo feud raising money for charity.

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A White representative recently spoke to Fox News about Emmy award winnerHis 99th birthday Revealing that she planned to spend it Safely at Home Do Various Activities.

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Her birthday wish was fairly simple: “To stay healthy as it is today for at least another year.”

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