CLEVELAND, OH – Brown’s Covid-19 woes continue as they prepare to face the Steelers on Sunday, but when the revolving door stops on Thursday, they regained more players than they lost.

Other players tested positive on Thursday in full-back Malcolm Smith and narrow end Harrison Bryant, which means both will have to exit the match.

Bryant has already been put on the COVID-19 backup list as a close contact of someone outside the building who has tested positive for the virus.

They’re joined by fullback BJ Goodson and safety Andrew Sendejo, who has also proven positive and will be sitting out of the game.

This resulted in a total of 10 regular Reserve Roster players – four positive and six close contacts – but five close contacts, including Initial Recipients Jarvis Landry and Richard Higgins were activated on the Reserve roster today and will be. In the field to practice. The others were recipients of Donovan People’s Jones, Jadaryl Hodge and full-back Jacob Phillips.

Browns also has two coaching team players who were positive midfielders Javon Patterson and Salama Elijah Benton and one unidentified assistant coach – not a moderator.

Smith’s loss is big, as Brown is already without full-back Goodson, who tested positive on Saturday and also missed the jets match.

Two other players suffered ankle injuries in that match and were chained on Wednesday: Tai Davis and Sioni Takitaki. But Stefansky did well in the brief training on Wednesday.

The Browns closed their facilities for the second day in a row on Thursday while they were tracking contacts and keeping their fingers crossed so that no one else would be added to the list. Once that is complete, they hope to train later in the afternoon in Sunday’s big “win the game” against the Steelers at First Energy Stadium, as they did on Wednesday.

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The offensive coordinator admitted that laying off the loss to the planes was difficult for the six players who went to the reserve list Saturday, especially Jarvis Landry, who missed his first match after 110 in a row.

“I’m sure this killed him,” Van Pelt said. “ Really happy he’s back in the building. ”

Baker Mayfield admitted that the COVID case was tough.

“These days can be very stressful – the schedule changes and you don’t know exactly when you’re supposed to come and receive training and training, so you just have to stay next to your phone, as they tell us. We can’t do anything about it, so no,” Baker Mayfield said Wednesday. There is a cause to complain. You roll with the punches and you have to deal with it. We are not the only ones who have to deal with adjustments. “

In a conference call on Wednesday, NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sales said the game was “not in danger” to be postponed because there was no evidence of transmission within the facility. Sales said the league will continue to monitor the situation.

Another good news for the Browns today, as well as the group of players who are out of the reserves, is that the Steelers will rest more of their stars for Sunday’s game.

Jerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Pro Bullers TJ Watt, Cam Hayward and Morkes Bouncey will play the match in addition to Ben Rothlesberger’s quarterback, 23-2-1 against Brown since 2004.

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Leading the NFL with 15 sacks and being a leading candidate for the NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Watt led Heyward Steelers with eight tackles at the first meeting with Browns, triumphing 38-7 Steelers.

Dulac has reported that veterans like full back Joe Hadden and goalkeeper David DeCastro will play, but on a limited basis.

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