Fox Borough, Mass. – Cam Newton He mostly hit a positive chord in his first year with the New England Patriots, but after another disappointing performance pulled halfway through during the third quarter of a loss at Dawn Buffalo Bills, he breathed.

Newton was asked about a chart in an ESPN broadcast on Monday Night Football that showed he woke up every day at 4:20 a.m., left his home at 4:30 and didn’t retire overnight until 11:30 p.m.

“This was my schedule for the 90 percent of the time I spent here, so you can kind of understand the frustration I feel when I don’t get the result, because I’m sacrificing so much. You’re talking to someone who hasn’t seen their kids in three months,” Newton said.

“Obviously the contract is what it is. Introducing myself to this team is something I’ve been doing since day one. It’s accessible. Yeah, it’s frustrating. It makes you angry.”

Newton is playing a one-year deal with a base salary of at least $ 1.05 million. The contract includes incentives and bonuses that will ultimately increase its value by about $ 2.6 million.

On Monday night against Beals, he finished 5 of 10 lanes at 34 yards, while adding four bursts of 24 yards, which included a 9-yard landing in the stampede game.

Coach Bill Belischik pulled it off 8 minutes earlier, remaining 21 seconds in the third quarter, with billings advancing 9-31.

“Kam did a good job for us. I mean, that was not the problem,” Bilesic said of the decision to switch to midfielder in year two. Jarrett Steadham. “We weren’t very competitive in the game.”

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In fairness to Newton, he delivered a perfect hard blow for a broad future Damier Bird In the game’s first drive, Bird dropped it. The play highlighted how the Patriots’ issues transcend Newton himself, with their narrow ends being among the least productive in the NFL this season.

But Newton conceded he could also play better.

He said, “It’s very frustrating, to know what you can do, and to have confidence in yourself. It doesn’t show up when it’s more important.”

Belishek said he had not decided on his plans in Sunday’s final match of the season against the visiting New York Jets.

On Bilesik’s support for this point, Newton said: “The feeling is mutual. I will keep getting better every week, and I will feel more comfortable with this attack over the past week. Let’s see where you get me.”

But his frustration was evident late Monday night.

“It makes you angry when you know that to be a reliable teammate, you first have to submit to authority and submit to what the coaches tell you to do. I feel like I did. I’m not in the blame. I’m breathing more or less now because, yeah, I’ve sacrificed so much.” This year, “he said.

“I mean, it hurts when you have a walk tonight, just to go home, and then start over for another full week.”

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