Carton pieces of Anna de Armas seen in Ben Affleck's rubbish after disintegration

Carton pieces of Anna de Armas seen in Ben Affleck’s rubbish after disintegration

Cardboard pieces by Anna de Armas were dumped from Ben Affleck’s former home. (Image: Image Direct)

It’s out with the old – and the cardboard slot – for Ben Affleck.

On Monday, the actor was confirmed He broke up with his girlfriend Anna de Armas, Whom he met on the set of their next movie Deep water. The breakup, after about 10 months together and is prominent Coexistence in quarantineIt reportedly happened Over the phone – Although there is a contradiction as to whether she gave it up or they made a joint decision.

The split happened “Two weeks” Another report mentioned before that, Affleck, 48, wasted little time shaking off memories of his ex-girl Bond, 32. In the trash cans outside Affleck’s Los Angeles home.

There was more than one The girl is gone reference On this topic on social media – as well Jokes that Casey is Affleck’s brother He was really the masked man who did the deed. (For the recording, the photos showed several men in landscaper T-shirts throwing garbage and organizing the star’s belongings.)

However, there is no denying who the poster is. Just months ago, de Armas’ life-size portrait was part of a game he played with his children, and he shared them with them. Jennifer Garner, In his yard. Affleck’s middle 12-year-old daughter, Serafina, ran around the yard with the poster in her arms. Take out the knives The actress chased her with a laugh. The youngest Samuel, 8, was also there for laughter. (Affleck and Garner also have a 15-year-old Violet.)

    The children of Ben Affleck play with a hiatus last summer while they bond with Anna.  (Photo: X17)
Ben Affleck’s kids play pieces last summer while they bond with Anna de Armas. (Photo: ROL /

On Tuesday, Affleck is bearded Appeared Behind his door alone to receive daily Dunkin ‘Donuts delivery – something he used to do with de Armas.

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In late 2019 through early 2020, Affleck and De Armas co-star in their upcoming movie Together, which saw them play a couple. Shortly after he said he wished he had “A healthy relationshipAffleck and de Armas together in Cuba in March. The pandemic prompted them to quarantine together in Los Angeles soon after, as they made daily trips to go out for walks with a PDA dog. They became Instagram officials in April when they celebrated her birthday. They spent time with his mom, Chris, as well as his kids.

After shooting Replay for photography Deep water In New Orleans in November, it was reported that the couple were She officially moved in together She listed her Venice Beach home in December. They spent the vacations with his kids and it seemed like things were going strong – until news of the breakthrough this week.

One source said People On the breakup, “Ben is no longer dating Anna. She cut him off. Their relationship was complicated. Anna doesn’t want to be based in Los Angeles and it’s clear Ben has to do that because his kids live in Los Angeles.”

Another source said, “This is something totally reciprocal and friendly. They are at different stages of their lives. There is deep love and respect. Ben continues to want to work on himself. He has three tidy jobs and he’s a solid father at home. They are both happy with their whereabouts in their lives.”

The magazine also had a source saying the split was during a phone call (although it appears taller than Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift’s 27 seconds phone call detail), Explaining, “They had many discussions about their future and together decided to separate.”

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Since this split, de Armas has been discovering a completely different new hairstyle on her friend Claudia Moma’s YouTube channel. The look is a short bob with bangs.

(Screen capture: YouTube)
(Screen capture: YouTube)

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