Walmart has temporarily closed its Chula Vista supermarket to allow extensive cleaning and sanitization of the building, a Walmart spokesperson confirmed to NBC 7.

The Chula Vista Supercenter is located at 875 EH St. Closed on Sundays at 2 PM and will reopen on Tuesdays at 7 AM

Walmart says the shutdown is part of a program the company has started to allow cleaning crews to clean and sanitize the building and allow time for employees to restock the shelves to prepare the store to reopen.

Walmart sent the following statement:

“Everything we do is for the well-being of our partners and customers, and given the directives issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and health experts. When the store reopens on Tuesday, we will continue to conduct health checks for colleagues and temperature checks, and all employees will be provided with masks and gloves..

These protocols are in addition to the comprehensive measures we have taken during the pandemic to help protect our partners and customers, including installing sneeze shields in records, temperature checks, mandatory wearing of masks for colleagues, social distancing signs and emergency enactments. Leave policy for colleagues who are unable or uncomfortable to come to work. Additionally, with the help of our Health Ambassadors, we will continue to require customers to wear protective face shields while on the premises.

“We will continue to work closely with elected and local health officials, while adjusting the way we serve the community with consideration for the health and safety of our customers and partners.”

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