Two Dallas airports have temporarily suspended incoming and outgoing flights due to Covid-19 requiring sterilization at an air traffic control tower.

Flights hit a ground stop at Dallas Love Field and Dallas Fort Worth international airports on Wednesday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. A tweet from the DFW said the stopover was due to “clean-up sanitizing required for overseas FAA facilities that control airspace” around the airport.

“This will lead to possible delays and cancellations,” DFW wrote in a tweet.

The Federal Aviation Administration told NBC Dallas the stopover was a combination of weather and issues related to Covid-19.

An online dashboard of Federal Aviation Administration facilities showed that individuals tested positive at the Fort Worth Air Traffic Control Center three times last week, including a new positive result on Wednesday. The dashboard also indicates that the antenna tower requires cleaning between 3 PM and 5:30 PM local time.

Daniel Betts He told NBC Dallas He was on American Airlines Flight 422 bound for Fort Lauderdale when the pilot told them the control tower was not working due to Covid-19. Passengers were allowed to disembark and return to the terminal.

Stop at DFW And the Love field By 5:30 pm local time, though both airports are expecting more delays.

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