They don’t call Dion the “Twitter Queen” for no reason.

Even though Cardi B and Offset are kings of hip-hop, there are still some people out there Just Getting to know her – including great musician and A + Twitter user Dionne Warwick.

And it wasn’t long after Warwick became a fan of Cardi B.

Cardi B is basically the same 😂❤️. I have only seen the videos. There is no music yet. More on this tomorrow …

Twitter / dionnewarwick / trans Twitter: dionnewarwick

She had one watershed note on the topic, which she gave her some sound advice:

I don’t like scanty responses. Cardi B and Offset are humans with feelings. Make it nice. ❤️

Twitter / dionnewarwick / trans Twitter: dionnewarwick

Warwick’s reaction to her latest discovery is just another reason why I love her so much! So far, the best part of this decade is her schedule on Twitter.

Twitter / dionnewarwick / trans Twitter: dionnewarwick

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