Dow Jones futures rose late Tuesday, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, as the House of Representatives neared a vote to impeach Trump. The major indexes saw a quiet session on Tuesday, but small cap stocks and financial institutions and growth were fine, with initial IPOs rallying and several new stock breaches, including Uber and GM stocks.


Tesla (TSLAI rebounded on Tuesday after snapping an 11-day winning streak on Monday. But Tesla stock is still showing signs of approaching the peak of the peak. Fuel cell stock Power plug (Plug), Ballard Power (BLDP) And the Fuel cell power (FCEL), Which has kept rising all night, is also heading vertically.

General Motors (GM), stronghold (F) And the Uber technologies (UberAll clearing purchase points. So did a retailer of household items and furnishings Williams-Sonoma (WSM).

Meanwhile, many of the recent initial public offerings were big winners, including Powered by Dash (dash), Airbnb (ABNB) And the Pirate games (CRSR), Flashes all the different buy signals. FuboTV (FUBO) And emerging companies in China Xpeng (XPEV) And the Li Auto (In theWear vigorously from 50 days’ lines.

The tech giants are still struggling. an Apple (AAPL) He dropped, trying to hold the support levels in his handle. Microsoft (MSFT) And Google parent the alphabet (GOOGLClosed below major levels. The social networking site Facebook (FB) And the Netflix (NFLXThey have broken below the 50 day lines and are moving towards 200 day averages. (AMZN) She didn’t fall but she kept getting late.

But these huge problems are preventing the stock market rally from overheating as many of the blue chips are becoming very hot.

Tesla, Microsoft and Apple stocks are in business IBD Leaderboard. General Motors and Uber stocks are in operation SwingTrader. Microsoft stock is on Long-term leaders of IBD. The WSM repository is contained in a file IBD 50.

Military commanders condemn “sedition.” Trump denies wrongdoing

In a very unusual move, the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a letter on Tuesday criticizing “discord and disobedience” on January 6th. While they did not name President Donald Trump, who continues to claim widespread fraud in the elections, leaders acknowledged Joe Biden’s presidential victory and made clear that the military would follow the constitutional transfer of power.

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump denied wrongdoing in his January 6 speech and urged his supporters to take action, many of whom soon stormed the Capitol, killing five people and forcing lawmakers to flee. Meanwhile, Trump said the new impeachment attempt was “causing tremendous outrage”.

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House of Representatives vote on Wednesday

The House of Representatives may hold a vote to impeach Trump on Wednesday. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives intend to vote on a measure Tuesday night that would ask Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment to immediately remove Trump from office. Pence told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier that she would not do so. But Tuesday’s decision could give an indication of how many Republicans support Trump’s vote to impeach Trump.

If Trump is impeached, a Senate trial will follow, but it probably won’t be for weeks after Trump leaves office on January 20. If convicted, Trump will be barred from seeking federal office again.

Dow Jones futures today

Dow futures rose 0.2% against fair value. S&P 500 futures rose 0.2% and Nasdaq 100 futures rose 0.3%.

Remember to work on overnight Dow Jones Futures And anywhere else it does not necessarily translate into actual circulation in the next normal cycle Stock market session.

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Coronavirus news

The number of cases of Coronavirus worldwide has reached 92 million. The death toll from Covid-19 has exceeded 1.96 million.

The number of Coronavirus cases in the United States reached 23.36 million, with the number of deaths exceeding 389,000. Covid deaths in the United States topped 4,200 on Tuesday, a new daily high.

The Trump administration recommended that vaccinations be opened to anyone 65 years of age or older or with a serious risk factor with community centers also included and no longer waiting until adequate supplies for the second doses are assured. All this aims to speed up vaccinations, which have got off to a difficult start but are gaining momentum.

The US government will purchase an additional 1.25 million doses of the COVID-19 antibody cocktail from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (Is raining) For up to $ 2.6 billion. Regn shares rose late.

The stock market rises Tuesday

An overview of the US stock market today

index Code price Profit / loss % They change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 31068.69 +60.00 +0.19
Standard & Poor’s 500 (0S & P5) 3801.19 +1.58 +0.04
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 13072.43 +36.00 +0.28
Russell 2000 (etc.) 211.19 +3.65 +1.76
IBD 50 (fifty) 44.29 +0.94 +2.17
Last update: 4:28 PM ET 1/12/2021

The stock market rally saw a constructive session, as tech giants kept major indices in check while several growth names performed well.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.2% on Wednesday Stock market trading. The S&P 500 rose. The Nasdaq Composite rose 1.3%. Russell 2000 jumped 1.8%.

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The yield spread between 2 and 10 year Treasuries is the largest since March. This is good news for banks and other lenders, who profit by both short borrowing and long lending.

The lackluster movement in major indices after Monday’s decline was constructive, allowing the 50-day moving average to catch up somewhat after the Nasdaq seemed to extend at the end of last week. The Nasdaq closed 6.3% above 50 days for the second session in a row, after rising 8% on Friday.

Tech Titans Lag

Tech giants are the main reason why major indicators stay cool. Apple stock held up well, down 0.1% at 128.80, hugging it 21-day exponential moving average. AAPL stock contains 138.89 buy points on A. Cup base with handle. Apple is planning to introduce some kind of advertisements on CBS morning show Wednesday, but it appears not to be related to a new product.

Microsoft stock, a component of the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq like Apple, slipped 1.2%, down below the 50-day line. Google shares lost 1.1%, also down 50 days. Facebook stock is down 2.2% and Netflix 1%, both of which are trending down towards 200 days. Amazon shares rose 0.2% but is still below the 50-day streak.

On Monday, Tesla’s stock was down 7.8%, affecting the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq. But shares rebounded 4.7 percent on Tuesday. TSLA stock is extending away from the buy point of 466 and still appears to be in the peak.

Stock of Plug Power increased by 22%, after a new alliance with French carmaker Renault. This came after SK Group invested in Plug Power as part of an alliance to push hydrogen in the Asian markets. FuelCell stock jumped 21% on Tuesday, and Ballard Power stock jumped 19%. PLUG stocks are up 95% already in 2021, with FCEL and BLDP also rocketing.

Overnight, PLUG, FCEL and BLDP rose strongly in heavy trade.

between the The best ETFs, The Innovator IBD 50 ETF (fifty(Jumps 2.2%, while the Innovator IBD Breakout Opportunities ETF)fit1% advance, both at new highs. IShares Technology and Software Extended Fund (ETF)IGVUp 0.1%, as MSFT stocks and other software giants weighed on IGV. (VanEck Vectors Semiconductor Foundation)SMH0.5% jump.

General Motors, Ford stock broke

General Motors shares jumped 6.2% to 47.82, topping 46.81 Point purchase And set a record. The gigantic car broke out from a shallow Cup Base, to me MarketSmith Analysis, But it can also be taken as an indicator of a multi-year consolidation. General Motors stock rebounded higher from its 21-day exponential moving average on the daily chart and the 10-week line on the weekly chart, providing an early entry.

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General Motors CEO Mary Barra revealed in a keynote speech at CES, a new company called BrightDrop that produces electric trucks and commercial delivery vehicles. BrightDrop electric trucks will make their debut in late 2021, around the same time as the Ford Transit electric car. Ford dominates the delivery truck market, but the Amazon-backed Rivian, A horse used on farms (WKHS) And others jump into the EV delivery car market.

Ford shares rose 5.2% to 78, eliminating 9.60 Flat base Point purchase. Like GM stock, Ford has recently rebounded from its 21-day and 10-week streaks, providing an early entry.

Uber’s stock has passed the point of purchase

Uber stock rose 7.2% to 58.54, moving decisively above the entry level at 56.12 from a short consolidation. It remains within the 5% buy zone, which comes in at 58.93. The Relative strength line It approaches its peak in June 2019, shortly after the Uber IPO. The RS streak tracks stock performance against the S&P 500. The welcome to ride remains very weak, but Uber Eats’ delivery business is doing well due to the coronavirus pandemic. elevator (elevator), A ride-hailing company that has also moved above short tenacity and rebounded off the ten-week streak.

Williams-Sonoma Stock

Williams-Sonoma shares jumped 6.4% to 118.25, breaking 114.75 buy points. WSM stock has been recovering from the 50-day and 10-week streak in recent days, providing an early entry. R (R), A competing home furnishing chain, up 4.2% to liquidate Short Cohesion.

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