The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 150 points briefly on Tuesday to hit another record high before reversing lower, as the House of Representatives approved a $ 2,000 stimulus checks. Apple stock is trying to sidestep a new buying point, while Tesla is on its way to add to a winning streak.


between the Dow Jones leadersAnd the an Apple (AAPLIt briefly rose above 1% before cutting gains, while Microsoft (MSFTIt rose 0.3% in Stock market today.

Tesla (TSLAIt appears to be adding to a three-day winning streak, as it rose 0.2% in early trade.

Stocks in or near buying areas at the current stock market rise are Generac (GNRC), Intuitive surgeon (ISRG), Epam Systems (EPAM) And the the alphabet (GOOGL).

Apple, Generac, Microsoft, and Tesla all Stock IBD Leaderboard. Alphabet, Generator, and Intuitive Surgery Appeared In stock for this week near the Buy Zone column. Epam was on Thursday IBD stocks today.

Dow Jones today: stimulus checks

On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reversed lower, dropping less than 0.1%, while the S&P 500 index rose 0.1%. The heavy Nasdaq Composite Index fell 0.3% after reversing lower. All three major stock indices hit record highs for a while.

The House of Representatives on Monday voted to increase the second round of direct payments from $ 600 to $ 2,000, in line with President Donald Trump’s call for more money for the American people. It is unclear whether the Senate will vote on the House bill.

An overview of the US stock market today

index Code price Profit / loss % They change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 30381.58 -22.39 -0.07
Standard & Poor’s 500 (0S & P5) 3737.69 +2.33 +0.06
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 12876.18 -23.24 -0.18
Russell 2000 (etc.) 194.67 -3.60 -1.82
IBD 50 (fifty) 40.54 -0.33 -0.81
Last update: 11:24 a.m. ET 12/29/2020

in between Exchange of traded fundsIBD 50 innovatorfiftyIt fell 0.9% on Tuesday. The Nasdaq 100 Invesco QQQ Trust ETFQQQIt rose 0.4%. Meanwhile, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (spyIt rose 0.15%.

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Amidst a stock market rally due to the coronavirus, the tech-heavy Nasdaq rose 43.8% for the year through Monday’s close. The S&P 500 is up 15.6%, while the DJIA is up 6.5% so far.

Coronavirus updates

according to Worldometer data tracker, The cumulative number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States topped 19.7 million on Tuesday. The total deaths associated with the virus have risen to more than 343,000.

The cumulative total of confirmed Covid-19 cases worldwide since the start of the outbreak surpassed 81.8 million on Tuesday, with more than 1.78 million deaths linked to the virus.

Coronavirus stock market rally

November was one of the most important months for the stock market. IBD’s The Big Picture Marked a new bullish trend after the bullish market follow-up day on November 4th. Meanwhile, December sees the stock market at record levels.

The big picture for Monday He warned that “the last week of 2020 began with stock market indices that recorded record highs, except for making sure that the Nasdaq Composite Index will end 2020 with one of the five largest annual gains. But Monday’s gains masked the weakness of the leading stocks and smaller stocks.”

Investors should continue to use stock market power to buy breakouts. Be patient and wait for strong breakouts rather than chasing the extended stocks. If new hacks work, add more exposure. But if the breakouts start to fail, you can hold back.

In particular, focus on stocks with strong relative strength. Find it using Relative strength line. The RS line measures the stock price performance against the S&P 500. If the stock outperforms the broader market, the RS line tilts upward. If the stock is performing worse than the broad market, the line will indicate a decline.

Stocks to Watch: IBD Long-Term Leaders

Includes stocks to watch Long-term leaders of IBD, Companies with steady earnings growth and price performance. Viva Systems (VEEV) Do you Latest addition to the list, As she tries to recover the 10-week streak. The stocks are approaching 314.09 long points at the base of the cup.

ETF Stock Market Strategy and How to Invest

Dow Jones Stocks to Watch: Apple makes a new buying point

Apple stock is trying to break above 138.08 long cup base bullets, according to MarketSmith Graph analysis. Shares briefly rose more than 1% Tuesday morning before cutting gains, lower than New buying point.

In recent weeks, Apple shares have moved above strong entry points at 125.49 and 122.09.

The blue chip giant is the # 1 performing Dow Jones stock for 2020, with an 86.2% advance as of Monday.

Stocks in or near buying territories: Alphabet, Generac, Intuitive Surgical, Epam

Alphabet, the FANG stock leader, continues the recovery after prof 50-day streak successful test On December 21, stocks are also at 5% buying area Above 1.726.20 Point purchase At the base of the cup after the November 4 outbreak.

Shares advanced 0.5% on Tuesday and are in an outright buy. The buying area increased to 1,812.51.

IBD Leaderboard Generac attempts to breach the buy point of 234.65 at A.M. Flat base, to me IBD Market Smith Graph analysis. Shares are down 2% on Tuesday morning, below the buying point.

According to Leaderboard’s comment, “The inventory has been standardized in an orderly manner for more than five weeks, creating a new rule. It’s a phase three pattern, so it might not be as successful as the previous ones.”

Intuitive Surgical, a leader in robotic surgery, remains in a 5% buyout zone above 792.64 Entry point In flat base after the December 22 breakout. Buy zone increases 5% to 832.27. Stocks are looking to cut a three-day losing streak with gains of 0.9% Tuesday morning.

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To the upside, the stock RS line reached a new high on the day of the breakout, confirming the strength of the breakout.

Today’s stocks are from IBD, Epam Systems, low buy, at 357.08 in flat base. Shares rose 0.2% on Tuesday morning, just below the buy point.

to me Inventory check for IBDAnd the EPAM stock Shows 95 of 99 complete IBD compound classification. A composite rating – an easy way to identify the highest-growing stocks – is a combination of fundamental and technical metrics to help investors gauge a stock’s strengths.

IBD Live: a new tool for daily stock market analysis

Tesla Stock

IBD Leaderboard Tesla shares rose 0.2% Tuesday morning, on the way to add to a three-day winning streak. On December 18, Tesla stock hit a record high of 695 which is nearly 4% from its all-time high.

On November 18th, stocks broke above the 466 buy-in points of a double-handle and is over 40% of the buy-point.

Dow Jones Leaders: Microsoft

From among the top Dow Jones StocksMicrosoft, software giant, rose 0.3% on Tuesday, as stocks continued to move above the main 50-day line. The shares are approaching the buy point of 228.22.

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