Frisco, Texas – Initially his university, Boise State, was looking to hire him as head coach. Now, it appears that the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in interviewing Cowboys attack coordinator Klein Moore for their lead coaching position.

The Eagles requested permission to interview Moore.

Cowboys Moore signed a three-year extension before the end of the Giants season when he turned down the Boise job.

According to NFL rules, even if coaches are on contract, teams must allow their coaches to be interviewed for positions perceived as a promotion, including coordinator positions and of course, head coaching positions.

Eagles, who recently sacked Doug Pederson, faces an interesting dilemma in the middle with Carson Wentz under contract with Galen Horts, who ended his rookie year when he replaced Wintz as a rookie.

Moore took a fairly unique route to get to this point with the Cowboys. He joined the team in 2014 as a player and eventually started three matches at the end of the 2015 season. He was scheduled to be a reserve for Tony Romo in 2016 before suffering an ankle injury in training camp, which apparently paved the way for Dak Prescott to join the new season in Duck.

Moore returned as a back-up midfielder the following year, but eventually joined the coaching staff in 2018 as a midfield coach before taking on the offensive and connected coordinator position in 2019. He retained the position despite moving Jason Jarrett as head coach and hiring Mike McCarthy.

Announcing his three-year contract earlier this month, Moore said in a statement that he is “very excited to stay with the Dallas Cowboys as Attack Coordinator … We are building something special here in Dallas. I am grateful to the Jones family and Mike McCarthy for the opportunity to train me.” These special players. I’m excited for us to put it all together and finish the job. “

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