After seeing fifth-ranked Texas A&M University break out in the 24 points in the fourth quarter during the exciting Saturday Night Orange BowlCoach, North Carolina Mac Brown It is believed that Aggies should have been invited to the College Football Playoff.

“They should be a supplement team,” Brown said after his team lost 41-27. “I think watching them and watching Notre Dame, they’re so similar that you feel we have to expand the playoffs, number one, so more players will continue to play at the end of the year and that will help play matches. And second place, Texas A&M deserves to be in the play-offs.” So, give them credit for the year they spent. “

The Tar Heels advanced 27-20 on one point before an angry Aggies attack, highlighted by Devin Achane in a game-changer. 76 yards landing gear on the sidelines. The real new student saw the bulk of an accelerating load after an injury Isaiah Player.

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Brown expanded on his Texas A&M points and detailed how Tar Hiles came close to being a top 10 team after a tough loss in Miami:

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