Spoiler alert: if you’re not done Sabrina’s Scary Adventures Part 4, you might want to come back now.

This look on Sabrina Spellman’s face says it all: That ending was a Option.

Sabrina’s Scary AdventuresThe final episode of (“Chapter 36: In the Mountains of Insanity”) takes place with the lives of several main characters – from Sabrina Morningstar, who did not survive the journey back to her original reality, to Father Blackwood, who finally got what he was coming to since today. the first. This is not the biggest loss in the episode.

In order to save her friends and loved ones from the void, Sabrina must participate in a spell that leads her to the brink of death. And while the teenage witch was able to successfully rescue everyone, she dies in the process. But unlike many of the other “deaths” on the show, which turned out to be either misleading or reversible, this one stuck. Sabrina Spellman and Sabrina Morningstar are buried next to each other outside the family’s mortuary.

Then comes the good news … and the weird news: Viewers reunite with Sabrina Spielman in Heaven, also known as “the afterlife,” which basically looks like a gigantic, clean museum. She appeared in peace until suddenly she heard a familiar voice behind her. Why, it’s Nicholas Scratch!

Sabrina: what are you doing here? This world is for …
Nick: I went swimming in the sea of ​​sorrows. Under the villain.
Sabrina: Oh, Nick, no. Nick No!
Nick: Hey, what’s important is that we’re together here – forever and forever.
Sabrina: This is a plus.

Big kiss braid. Cut to black. End.

If you don’t think about it too deeply, putting Nick and Sabrina together forever is a great way to end the series. But if you are Act Think about it, even with a little bit of depth it gets a little disconcerting.

First of all, did Sabrina really have to die? We’ve watched enough supernatural series to know that the main character often ends in an afterlife, but Sabrina is neither a centuries-old vampire nor a bad gray wig to show that she has lived a long and satisfying life. She’s actually just a dead teen. Kind of downer.

As for Nick, did he really need to kill himself in order to be with Sabrina? Chaos Loves loophole, so spouses can not be reunited under less tragic circumstances? Just a little anxious about sending the message there.

How do you feel about the last moments of the series? Are you happy Nick and Sabrina are together forever, or are you confused about them It was until death? Rate the ending and all part 4, below, then Leave a comment with your reaction to this surprising ending.

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