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Do you hear this? It’s Adobe Flash’s last breath, which may finally be out of date due to the release of Mozilla Firefox 85 Tuesday.

So far, Firefox was the last of the legacy ranges to support Flash. Apple first Program rejected In 2010 by banning it from iPhones and then again in 2020 by refusing to support it with Safari 14, Google and Microsoft abandoned it earlier this year with Chrome version 88 and Edge 88 releases respectively. Although the software was an early pioneer for games, video and web animation, Adobe announced earlier A long-term strategy to stop updates and distribute Flash Player, and encourage creators to migrate any approved content to the most recent open formats.

In addition to some notable omissions, Firefox 85 has also added some interesting new features, including Split the network It works to protect users from super cookie tracking by splitting browser cache on a per website basis.

Over the years, tracking tools have been found storing user IDs as super cookies in increasingly cloudy parts of the browser, including Flash storageAnd the ETagsAnd and HSTS Flags, “Mozilla wrote in a blog post.” The changes we are making in Firefox 85 significantly reduce the effectiveness of the superior cache-based cookies by eliminating the tracker’s ability to use them across websites.

Other big additions include changes to how bookmarked pages are stored in the browser and an option for Remove all saved credentials By clicking one button, you can make life easier Users who share a computer or Need to clear your browser for privacy reasons.

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