Pittsburgh – Dwayne Haskins, a first-round pick in 2019, agreed to a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers after meeting the team on Thursday, a source told ESPN’s Adam Shifter.

Quarterback was fired by the Washington soccer team less than a month ago, a day after losing to the Carolina Panthers. He was photographed unmasked at his girlfriend’s birthday party after losing the Seattle Seahawks. He was fined $ 40,000 for his second breach of COVID-19 protocols and lost his captain.

He still plays against the Panthers but he played poorly and was on the bench. Then Haskins was demoted in favor of a player, Taylor Heinek, Who signed the Washington coaching team less than a month ago. Then Haskins was suddenly released the day after the Carolina loss.

“I told him I think it would be beneficial for both parties to go our separate path,” Washington coach Ron Rivera said in a statement at the time. “We want to thank Dwayne for his contributions in the past two seasons and wish him all the best going forward.”

In a tweet, Haskins wrote: “I take full responsibility for not meeting NFL standards QB and will become a better man and player because of this experience.”

Haskins, whom Washington ranked 15th overall in 2019 and often criticized for his lack of work ethic, had a tumultuous period with his first team in the NFL.

It was chosen by owner Dan Snyder, going against the desires of the football side of the franchise. The coaches were told by Ohio State Coaches that it would take time for him to mature as a professional and the organization was intent on getting him to sit throughout the junior season.

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But injuries to the other midfielders and a poor record led to Haskins starting seven matches as a rookie. After a disastrous early show, Haskins finished two good matches to close his season. In those games, it scored a total of 74.8 Qatari Quarter. But QBR’s total for this season was 28 and this was the 31st season.

In the last season, Rivera said Haskins had a talent for quarterback, but he needed to become more than a captain. Rivera was delighted with what he saw from Haskins in Offseason. Haskins welcomed all of the first-team representatives into training camp and was initially selected in late August, although Rivera said he would have opened it to competition had there been pre-season matches.

Haskins started his first four matches, delivering four touchdown passes to three interceptions but for a quarterly total of 29.8. Multiple sources said they felt he was celebrating his debut at 300 yards in the locker room after losing 14 points to Baltimore.

Rivera took him off the bench the following week; He was inactive for the next four matches until starting player Kyle Allen broke his ankle. Haskins relieved Alex Smith In the second half of the December 13th victory over San Francisco. Haskins started the next two games, but did not play well. In his final debut, a 20-13 loss to Carolina, he scored a total of 4.1 Qatari riyals.

Haskins, 23, is represented by Brian Levy, who is also Mike Tomlin’s agent.

With his signature, the Steelers indicate that they are focusing on a future without a quarterback Ben Rothlesberger Either this year or soon after. The future Hall of Famer has one year left on his contract, but has yet to decide his future with the team. After the wild card loss, Rothlisberger said he would pray about the decision and consult his family. He added that if he decides to return, he hopes the Steelers will also want him to come back.

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With the arrival of Series Three midfielder Josh Dobbs to the free agency in March, the Steelers are set to have Rothlesberger, Mason Rudolph Haskins is on the list for 2021, although Roethlisberger comes at a cost of $ 41.2 million.

Information from ESPN’s John Kim was used in this report.

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