Colby Fields, Who was previously committed to Oklahoma and Memphis, committed to Jamekox in South Carolina on Thursday evening.

The three-star full-back from Louisiana joins Georgia’s southern defensive back side David Spaulding Delaware relocation to Linebacker Daryl Williams As the third commitment of the day in South Carolina. Fields, who teaches at Rommel High School in Metairie, Los Angeles, announced his decision on Twitter.

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South Carolina offered Outer back number 60 in the 2021 category less than a week ago. TheBigSpur Sign a forecast To Gamecocks at 247Sports Crystal Ball on the same day.

“It’s a good program,” Fields told TheBigSpur after its show in South Carolina. “It’s a good program that the fans love the team. The fans show a lot of support. That’s the kind of feeling I’m taking advantage of.”

“I was looking at a lot of videos, just trying to get to know them. They make it look like a good and loving environment. People love their team.”

247 Gabby Brooks, a Midland-County sports recruitment analyst, likened Fields to Tim Hart, Who plays for Memphis.

The right size and frame for the traditional off-line full-back. Experience in multiple roles as a full-back and can provide staff flexibility in a college. Flashes encourage the pursuit of slopes, whether on the slopes or on the sidelines. Instinctive player with a good sense of timing as a Blitzer.

Ball skills are good for the center. Athletic enough to play in space and grip alone when landing in coverage. You must keep adding volume and strength. It can improve cushion level and body control. Often he hits very high targets. The sport lacks context in combining testing or track perspective. Potential power of 5 caliber with potential to become starter quality.

As an elderly person, Fields had 98 interventions, 12 loss treatments, and 3.5 sachets.

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Stay tuned for TheBigSpur to find out more about this breaking news about the South Carolina Gamecox football team recruitment.

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