Just when you thought the quarterback rumors were going to go away, Sports Illustrated’s Albert Brier drops this solid nugget in an article:

MMQB: How Tom Brady raised The Bucs and Presidents Meet them at Super Bowl LV

Indianapolis feels like a natural landing spot for Stafford. The question then is whether General Manager Chris Ballard and Coach Frank Reich will see Stafford as a first aid or something more. The team went with Band-Aid last year, at Rivers, after taking a shot with Jacoby Brissett in 2019 (and that was after Jimmy Garoppolo’s name appeared briefly in DeForest Buckner’s business talks with San Francisco). Do they want to fix the situation once and for all? I think it would be better. You could cite Buckner’s deal as an example that Ballard was aggressive the way he should be with the Stafford – but Buckner’s 26 is a definite long-range cornerstone.

Deshawn Watson or Matthew Stafford Fits 49 Like a Glove – San Francisco 49ers-ESPN Blog

He may have been lost in the Niners’ signature plan Kirk is cousins After the 2017 season, they spent a lot of time with Watson in the lead up to the 2017 draft. They had a special rehearsal with him in Clemson and he was one of the team’s 30 visitors. But the 49ers passed Watson and every center-back in the first round because they were keeping an eye on Cousins, although this never happened due to a trade with Garoppolo.

Nearly four years later, it’s easy to imagine Watson succeeding in attacking Shanahan. His mobility and deep ball accuracy (a 45.4% achievement rate on throws over 20 yards in second place in the NFL since entering the league), would allow the attacking to jump forward and stress defenses in ways not yet visible.

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Furthermore, the maximum fee for the team that acquires Watson is around $ 10 million. Garoppolo is set to count $ 26.9 million against the cap next year, and the Niners will incur $ 2.8 million in dead money through his circulation or his release. The money saved in the quarterback will give the Niners a large chunk to re-sign the leftover tackle Trent Williams.

Jerry Rice: Aaron Rodgers’ grudge is too strong for him to explore the 49ers trade

“Aaron wouldn’t want to come here,” Rice said Monday during an appearance on 95.7 The Game. “Aaron won’t want to come here because 49 who haven’t recruited him. He still has that grudge. This is still on his shoulders. I’m not saying this guy won’t stay at Green Bay because he must have been disappointed with him because he lost his last two matches in the tournament.” .

San Francisco 49ers raised Leeds United’s stake to 37%

Leeds UnitedPartnered with 49ers The companies were greatly boosted with the announcement of the NFL giants increasing their initial ~ 10% stake in the club. The exact cash injection is not yet known, but it is believed to be around £ 50 million.

Marath said, “49ers Enterprises have always shared Andrea’s vision of building a strong and successful club in the most competitive soccer league in the world, and the experience of the past three seasons has been much more joyful than we could imagine.”

“The hard work and bold leadership shown by Andrea and his talented team have restored Leeds United’s rightful place in the Premier League, and we look forward to playing a greater role in supporting their efforts to climb the table this year and in the future.”

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“We are increasing our investment in Leeds United now to support and strengthen the organizational infrastructure needed to stay competitive in the Premier League,” Marath added.

The San Francisco 49 family once went through a disastrous redesign that it lasted less than a week

By February 1991, Team 49 was still one of the premier teams in football. The month before, they had just emerged from a heartbreaking loss in NFC Championship Game for New York Giants. That defeat hindered their attempt to become the first team to win Three-game winning streak Super BowlesA feat that has yet to be accomplished.

The warehouse changes for the 1991 49ers were on and off the field. Franchise midfielder Joe Montana suffered a brutal injury during the NFC Championship game That would put him out of action throughout the following season. In the front office, Carmen Pulisi ascended to the position of team leader.

Perhaps sensing a new era, the 49 players signed Stevens Wright, who had already worked with several NFL teams. In particular, he designed the Buffalo Bills slogan “Shipping buffalo”, Which is still in use to this day.

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