Green Bay, Wes. The Green Bay Packers lost one of their most important offensive members, the Left All-Pro David BakhtiariA source told ESPN that he believes he had an end-of-season knee injury he practically sustained on Thursday.

The NFL Network reported that the injury was likely to be a tear of the ACL.

The Packers added Bakhtiari to the injury report after training Thursday. During the open to journalists segment, there was no apparent problem. Coach Matt LaFleur spoke before training and will answer reporters’ questions on Friday.

The Packs (12-3), who lead the NFL with a score of 31.6 points per game, would be NFC number one if they won the regular season end Sunday at the Chicago Bears.

But now they will have to do so without the best unskilled player in attack. It comes just six weeks after Bakhtiari signed a record-breaking four-year contract and extended his contract for $ 103.5 million, making him the highest-paid linear man in NFL history.

The 29-year-old, who recruited into the fourth round in 2013, has been either the first or second All-Pro team for each of the past four years. Chosen as a Pro Bowl starter when the picks were announced last week.

When Bakhtiari missed three games earlier this season due to rib fractures, the Packers played Billy Turner When processing left. Turner was a regular player on the right side, in both protection and tackle.

Most recently, Turner has started the past four games at the present time Rick Wagoner He started the correct treatment. However, Wagner suffered a knee injury in Sunday’s win over the Tennessee Titans and was a limited participant in practice.

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Another option is to move the Pro Bowl left Elgton Jenkins To address the left. Jenkins has played everywhere except for the right goalkeeper this season, having played 599 shots at the left goalkeeper, 286 in the middle, 31 on the right tackle and 26 on the left, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

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