GTA 6 May restore great Red Dead Redemption 2 A feature but in an advanced and improved form. Red Dead Redemption 2 It’s one of the most impressive games of all time from a systems perspective. One of these systems includes sites that will grow and develop in real time. Over the course of the game, this happened on Valentine’s Day. And it looks like Rockstar Games may bring that concept again GTA 6However, in the process, you’ll take the feature to the next level.

The Take-Two Interactive patent that came out recently from 2017 is currently running rounds within Grand Theft Auto social communication. For those who don’t know: Take-Two Interactive is the parent company of Rockstar Games, the makers of both GTA And the Red Dead Redemption. As for the patent, of course it does not refer to one specific game, but its content has led many to believe that it likely has something to do with the heavy open world games that Rockstar Games specializes in.

He also hinted at, in Red Death Redemption 2, Regions evolved over the course of the game, but the player had no real influence on that. The new patent describes a system in which the player has a major influence on the course of this development.

“As another example, an old dilapidated neighborhood can be created by filling it with a higher percentage of assets labeled“ old ”,“ worn out ”,“ rusty ”,“ cheap ”etc., according to the patent. “In the gameplay where the player is trying to improve the city in which he lives, where the player performs well in the game, the game engine can slowly replace the objects that have been marked as described above with things that are marked” new “and” high quality ” “Hipster,” “renewed”, etc., to indicate that the neighborhood is getting better. “

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Again, there is no way to know if this patent is related to GTA 6 Even if it is, who knows what will happen. However, despite this uncertainty, it did happen Grand Theft Auto Fans are excited.

At the time of publication, Take-Two Interactive has not commented on the above patent in any capacity, nor on the speculation it has generated. If this changes, we will make sure to update the story with all that is presented.

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