Actor Alec Baldwin’s wife posted a lengthy video on Instagram over the weekend after she tweeted allegations that she was faking her Spanish accent.

“I saw chats on the Internet questioning my identity and culture,” she wrote alongside the video. “This is something I take very seriously, and for those who ask – I will repeat my story, as I have done many times before. I was born in Boston and raised and spend time with my family between Massachusetts and Spain my parents and brother live in Spain and I have chosen to live here in the USA. Both cultures are in our home – Alec and I are raising our children in two languages, just as I grew up, which is very important to me. I understand that my story is a little different, but it is my story, and I am very proud of it. ”

Although the former dancer explained that she was born in Massachusetts to her Management biography online It states that she was born on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

In a podcast interview from April, Baldwin stated that she did not move to the United States until she was 19 when she enrolled at New York University.

Several individuals who claimed to have gone to high school with the former dancer in Boston, have used social media to contradict her previous novel.

Someone wrote, “I went to high school with her.” “She was very nice and serious about dancing. Her name was actually Hillary Hayward Thomas and it wasn’t her current accent.”

Baldwin’s videos began appearing on social media, one of A. Today display pane It seems she forgot the English word for choice while speaking with an accent.

Her husband took to his Instagram account to defend his wife, saying the allegations were “ridiculous and” looking at the source. ”

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CNN has reached out to representatives of the couple for comment.

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