The laptop has some privacy-focused features, including a fingerprint reader, Bodily shutter 720p webcam and dedicated microphone mute switch on keyboard. The AI ​​Noise Removal tool eliminates background noise while making calls or recording audio. The laptop will also have HP’s Enhanced Lighting feature, which is centered around a selfie light with on-screen lighting controls to help you look better on video calls. This feature should be available in February.

Latest HP Envy 14, That starts at $ 999It should arrive later this month.


Elite Wireless Earbuds are also joining HP’s portfolio. It is designed for seamless switching between devices with the help of Windows 10, iOS and Android apps. Features include adjustable noise cancellation, custom sound tuning and audio state presets, while it comes with a USB-C charging case. HP hasn’t revealed pricing yet, but the Elite Wireless Earbuds should arrive in April.

HP 635 Wireless Multi-Device Mouse


According to the company, the HP 635 Wireless Multi-Device Mouse has a one-year battery life. You’ll be able to connect up to three devices via a USB dongle or two using Bluetooth for “uninterrupted transitions” between the computer and the tablet, HP says. The ultra-compact mouse includes four soft-click buttons that are programmable on both sides. It should arrive next month and it will cost $ 60.

HP M24f FHD Display


In addition, HP has updated its lineup. M-Series FHD displays feature Eyesafe-certified low blue light technology that does not affect color accuracy, according to the company. The screens, which have no borders on three sides, are made of Ocean recycled plastic. They’ll start at $ 139 and will likely arrive in March.

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HP E24u G4 USB-C Display


Additionally, HP has unveiled a pair of displays that can deliver up to 65W of power to laptops via USB-C. The E24u G4 and E27u G4 both support serialization and multi-port connectivity, along with permanent Eye Ease protection. You may be able to wake both the screen and the laptop (or put them to sleep) by pressing a single power button on the screen. Screens should be available in February. The E24u will cost $ 219 and the E27u will set you back $ 339.

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