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The election has been won, but the damage to the past few years continues. The struggle for democracy is not over yet. The news you support today will shape the future, maybe for generations. Raw Story collaborated with Pulitzer Prize-winning David Kay Johnston DCReport and stable of government investigators. We are tired of being forced to watch annoying ads. It’s time to reinvent the press. Be part of a growing movement.

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In a world of podcasts, progressive journalism is a light in a dark world. With fewer observers, native press – and sunlight on government – dwindle. Join our commitment to long and in-depth oversight and reporting.

Because journalism doesn’t have to be an institution.

The reports you back up will live for free. Raw Story and DCReport content is available for anyone to repost with attribution mentioned after 72 hours. The facts should be free for all. Truth cannot be possessed.

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As Silicon Valley giants swallow ad revenue and web traffic, small publishers like Raw Story have been forced to employ more and more aggressive ads to stay alive. Help us end the busy news.

And because … there are no “alternative facts”.

Progress is based on honesty, truth, and examination of the world as it is. We believe facts are sacred. Be part of a movement with us. Progressive Journalism.

We understand that you may not want your personal information to be shared. If you prefer to contribute by check or money order, please send the $ 95 Raw Story payable to: Raw Story Media, PO Box 47827, Chicago, IL 60647. Keep the lighting alive. Make sure to include your email address on the check.

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