The Jets hired a head coach with a defensive background, but the offensive mind he brings with him could be the key to solving the midfielder’s problem.

New coach Robert Saleh Mike LaFleur from San Francisco is expected to accompany him as the coordinator of the attack. LaFleur, the younger brother of Packers coach Matt LaFleur, was the coordinator of the 49-player passing games.

LaFleur could be the one the planes accuse of trying to get Sam Darnold back on track. The team has a decision to decide whether to try to replace the 23-year-old midfielder who penned him in third in 2018 and go ahead or try to save him.

Josh McCowon, who played for Darnold in 2018 and remains close to him, believes that Darnold can thrive on LaFleur’s attack. LaFleur is expected to run a version of the Kyle Shanahan crime used in San Francisco that is becoming commonplace throughout the league.

Mike LaFleur and Darnold Medal
Mike LaFleur and Darnold Medal
AP; New York Post: Charles Winselberg

“I think Sam Place is in its evolution and to recalibrate what it has done in the past three years, but growing and moving forward, I think it’s the perfect system to do that,” McCown said Friday. “It takes a little pressure from the midfielder to be a great decision maker in the back off game. It’s heavy running and plays both action and soccer. It’s good and easy soccer because you’re fake hence it’s usually 1-2-3 type. There are no complete readings in soccer.” Of necessity, you can keep the midfielder’s eyes in one place, limit his options and help him play football better. “

Shanahan’s crime dates back to Kyle’s father, Mike, who shared it with the Broncos from 1995-2008. It relies heavily on area runs and pass gameplay from running game. Shanahan crime also features more drills and plays to get the player out of pocket. The Jets actually ran a version of it in Darnold’s rookie season when Jeremy Bates was their offensive coordinator.

“[Darnold] He does some great plays, but he also makes some bad decisions, ”McCown said.“ I think when it’s more than just an out-of-pocket timeline, when it’s the action game, and what they’re doing well, I think that will restrain some of that decision-making. . It will give him better options. I think that would be better for him. “

McCown, who finished the season in Texas, said he watched a lot of plane matches this year and watched Darnold suffer.

“I think he was pressing and trying to win every game with one throw,” McCown said. “You can only see the frustration. You hate it for him. I think the circumstances with the pressure he was putting on the coach and all I think forced him to play bad football. The best thing about Sam is that he has it and he will work on improving.”

McCown said the planes should not abandon Darnold.

“I think given his level of talent and the type of kid he is, letting him go with a new crime would be wise only from the point of view of how much you believe in the men you have hired,” McCown said.

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