Doug Pederson said this week that he expects to be coach of the Eagles in 2021, and he will have at least one major place in his coaching staff to fill it.

Defense co-ordinator Jim Schwartz plans to allow his contract to expire after Sunday’s final match against Washington and is taking a year off training, according to sources.

Schwartz, 54, told those close to them that he would consider retiring after 32 years in coaching, including 28 in the NFL and winning the Super Bowl three years earlier with the Eagles.

Schwartz is considered one of the most respected defensive coaches in the NFL, and he is still looked down upon by the Eagles, who had previously contacted him about an extension. But after dealing with several recent hip and eye surgeries, Schwartz believes this is a good time for him to move away from the daily grind, at least in the short term, according to sources.

Schwartz previously spent five seasons as head coach for Lions from 2009 to 2013, amassing the record 29-51 with a playoff trip in 2011. He got a lot of coaching interest recently last year, when he interviewed a Browns job that went to Kevin Stefansky.

The Eagles stumbled 4-10-1 this season and were eliminated from the play-offs with last week’s loss in Dallas.

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