The show, whose 13 episodes are available to watch On the DR network site, It follows his titular character as he navigates an array of unexpected scenarios caused by his inexplicably huge genitals.

In the first episode, for example, the mustache-proof Dillermand uses his huge bands of tape as driving his dog – but he quickly finds himself overwhelmed with requests from his neighbors to take their pets out for a walk, too. At another stage of the show, he was stuck floating in the air after tying balloons to his groin.

In another episode, he breaks his friend’s bowl with his rod and is forced to collect money to return it, and in the third episode, he uses it to steal ice cream at the zoo. The opening montage of the show also shows that he uses his genitals to keep a lion away from a group of children.

The show was generally greeted with fun in Denmark and online, with many praising it as a convenient and light way to teach children about human anatomy.

But some objected to the central feature of the main character. Danish politician Morten Messerschmidt, member of the Danish Right-wing People’s Party, He said Children should not be forced to watch a cartoon of an adult man’s groin.
A bunch of parents were taken to Facebook page From Dr. Urging them to remove the program.

A DR spokesman told CNN that most of those critical of the show did so “without seeing the show, because it has not yet been released.”

“Now the vast majority are here in Denmark … a few critics are laughing at instead,” added Sarah Cecilie. Hundreds of thousands support John Dillerman now. “

She told CNN that 200 thousand people watched the first episode: “I have now achieved great success in Denmark, and children watch it in large numbers.”

In the network’s online description of the show, they mentioned that while Derman’s genitals get him into awkward situations, he can be used pretty well once he embraces it different.

DR is the oldest and most popular broadcaster in Denmark, and was a founding member of the European Broadcasting Association. The network is funded by taxpayers, making it the Danish equivalent of the BBC or PBS.

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