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San Francisco 49ers General Manager John Lynch said Monday that this is a defensive ending De Ford Due to persistent back issues, it’s not guaranteed to be ready for the start of the 2021 season.

Via Eric Branch of the San Francisco ChronicleFord’s rehabilitation from a back injury has been a bit difficult. He has only had one injury this season.

I can’t tell you (with certainty) that, yes, it will be ready for 2021Lynch said. “We are working hard – and he’s working hard – to try to get there.

“When you deal with a part of your body – the back – sometimes these things take longer. I think Dee is trying to stay a fan. But I think it was a struggle for him. And we try to stay cheer too.”

Since coming to the 49ers in a deal from the Kansas City Chiefs before the 2019 season, Ford has managed to appear in only 12 matches for the team. Of the 12 matches he has participated in, he has played more than 50 percent of the team’s defensive hits only twice. Both games were season opener.

Ford had knee problems and a hamstring injury that limited his time on the field last year. He also had previous back problems including a herniated disc and a lumbar discectomy

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