John Wall He had had trouble sleeping the night before, as his heart and mind were racing in anticipation of his debut at the Houston Rockets, and a comeback from his two-year injury delayed another week due to a quarantine imposed by the National Basketball Association over COVID-19 protocols.

It’s been 735 days, as Wall specifically indicated after the Rockets’ 122-119 victory over the Sacramento Kings Thursday night in Houston, since he last played in an NBA match. He has since undergone surgery to remove the bony spurs in his left heel that have been bothering him for years, then another operation to repair the Achilles tendon that he tore while recovering from that operation, then was replaced by Washington Wizards with primary protection – a round choice for Russell Westbrook.

“It was cool man, just get out and have fun,” Wall said after his performance of 22 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists in the win. “When I was between those four lines and as soon as the ball hit my hand after the jump ball, I was fine. I was happy that I was able to compete with some of the best players in this league and [demonstrate] That I have the ability to be one of the best point keepers in this league. “

Wall said he feels physically “amazing”. He showed the elite speed and blast that were major factors in appearing five in a row at all-stars before injuries were cut short for his career, and he scored six of his eight breeds against Kings in dives or quick kicks, including a couple in quick one-man breaks.

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The Rockets said: “It looks like it’s back to all-star mode.” Christian WoodWho got 21 points and 12 rebounds.

The Rockets star said, “He was so aggressive, playing in a defensive role James Harden, Which scored 16 of 33 points in the fourth quarter. “He looked really good, especially because he hadn’t played in two years.”

However, Wall readily admitted that there was also much room for improvement after his debut on the Rockets. He specifically referred to his five shifts and weak 3-point shooting (2 out of 8).

“Getting 22, 9 and 6 is not a bad thing for my first games in two years,” said Wall, who averaged 19.0 points and 9.2 assists during his long contract with the Wizards. “I can do my best for it, and I know I’ll be better for the next match.”

Wall is early in the process of developing a relationship with fellow ball-dominant goalkeeper Harden, who lost time in the pre-season period after a short hiatus that was linked to his request to trade. Wall had to sit down for a week – including the Rockets’ two-game road trip – because he had been in close contact with the rookie. Kenyon Martin Jr., Who tested positive for the Coronavirus the day after he cut his hair at Wall’s apartment.

“They weren’t together, and we’re still trying to figure that out – who owns it and who plays each other,” Rockets coach Stephen Silas said of Wall and Hardin. “They kind of find out on their own with my help. This relationship should grow and improve better.”

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Wall introduced the game to Silas in the locker room to celebrate his first win as head coach, but admitted he was considering keeping it to himself given the personal meaning of the game.

“The first time he was his coach, I think he deserves it,” Wall said. “But I got a chance to keep my shirt. That would definitely happen in my trophy room.”

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