Lamar Jackson He got his first playoff victory a week ago. His second night on Saturday goes against the bills.

He could sign his second contract in the coming months.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reports that Ravens are open to a significant extension of the superstar mid-back and both sides are expected to explore this option in the spring or early summer. First, the team will choose the Year 5 option in the junior deal.

You might remember Jackson being without an agent and still being himself, which could provide an interesting wrinkle for negotiations. Rapoport indicated that he was dealing with an organization that was always open to early deals if both sides benefited from them.

QB for the third year far outperformed the year in which he had chosen after being picked by Baltimore with the 32nd overall pick for the 2018 draft. After sparking a team transformation and qualifying round in his first season, he was named the best player of the year 2019 honors. His 2020 campaign was not impressive. Statistically, however, he managed to break through 1,000 yards in acceleration for the second year in a row, a NFL record, and lead the crows back to the playoffs.

They take on Buffalo It’s 8:15 PM ET.

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