LG has announced its 2021 Gram notebook lineup, which features a new design as well as some internal upgrades. There are five models. It includes three shells (Gram 17, 16 Grams and 14) as well as two convertible models (Gram 2 in 1 16 and Gram 2 in 1 14).

LG hasn’t changed the Gram lineup signature features. LG Gram laptops are known for being surprisingly light (hence the name “Gram”). 17 Gram weighs only 2.98 lbs, which is the same The previous one. It’s unusual to see a 17-inch laptop under three pounds, and using one really messes with your mind – I always felt like I had nothing to do while carrying the 2020 model because I had expected to feel so heavy. A 16 gram is only 2.62 pounds, while a 14 gram is 2.2 pounds.

LG Gram 17 is white.

Another great feature of the 2020 Gram 17, which moved to the 2021 model, was the 16:10 screen. It offers more vertical space than a traditional 16: 9 panel. In addition, LG says the new shell models have a “slim four-sided design” that achieves a screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent. As evidenced by the photos provided by LG, the bezels are very small, which gives everything a nice modern look.

LG also says the keyboard and touchpad have been enlarged for “comfort and efficiency”.

LG Gram 17 is black.

The most important promotions inside. All Gram’s new laptops have Intel’s 11th generation processors and can come with Iris Xe or UHD graphics. All models are also certified through the Intel Evo program, It is an Intel badge It is intended to certify that a laptop can have a minimum of nine hours of battery life, fast wake up, and other features.

LG claims you can see up to 19.5 hours of Gram 17, Gram 16, and 16 2 in 1. That’s an allegation that I’m usually skeptical of, but I’d say the 2020 Gram 17 had some of the longest battery life I’ve seen from a laptop last year. . It took about 10 hours of my daily workload (which is somewhat intense) so LG knows what it’s doing when it comes to efficiency, and there’s reason to be optimistic.

“Synonymous with unprecedented portability and first-class performance, the LG gram brand continues to elevate the ultra-thin and lightweight notebook market,” said Jang Ik-hwan, LG’s senior vice president and head of the company’s IT business unit. The current situation. “With sleeker, sleeker designs and 16:10 aspect ratio screens while remaining lightweight, the latest LG gram lineup gives consumers the ability to enjoy better productivity and immersive viewing experiences wherever they go.”

Pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

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