On January 3rd, 20 years old Tik Tok user @shhlana – Who posts generally about TV shows like “Julie and the Phantoms” and “The Wilds” – TikTok post says, “Guys, I think I’ll have to go out to my dad soon.” Last week, she posted an update saying that she hasn’t spoken to them yet. She said, “But listen to me.” “What if you get Lindsey Lohan To tell my dad? She’s on Cameo now. Wouldn’t that be creative? “

OK, Lohan did an engraving for Alana, but no – She didn’t think it would be right to go out for her.

Instead, the actor-entrepreneur gave Alana a nice tip: “Hey, Alana, this is Lindsay Lohan. I know you are about to take a very big step to tell your parents who you really are and what you want them to accept from you – and I think you should do it yourself. I think coming from you, you will feel a lot of strength and power. And it’s important. To be who you really are, to love yourself, to live accordingly, and to tell your parents that.


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TikTok with Lohan’s cute response has gone viral, with over half a million views and counting since its publication on Sunday. It has been Post on Twitter As well. The press quickly caught fire too, with ports like e! Online And the People Writing stories about cheering for Luhan. The coverage, in fact, prompted Alana to hurry up and speak to her parents: In A. Next TikTok Monday, She said she went out to them because “she doesn’t want them to find out on the Internet.”

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“They took it really well,” she said. “That’s good – I feel really good, really.”

Intimacy, yeah? But Alana said on Tuesday variety She received a message from Lindsay Lohan Cameo’s account asking her to remove the video. An order screen shot that says, “Hey! I just wanted to ask if you could remove the engraving because it was private for your use only.”

A Luhan representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A representative said on Cameo variety,The user has a license to share the unedited video.

And so it remains so. Alana – who goes to the University of California at Berkeley and studies in a virtual school from her home in Southern California due to the Coronavirus pandemic and asked not to use her last name – said the idea of ​​asking a celebrity to go out to her parents for her It came into my head randomly. ”

She scrolled through Cameo looking for the right person – and Lohan saw. “I had no idea she was there,” said Alana. And I thought, ‘Wow, that’d be so cool. “I grew up watching Lindsay in all of her films. Like” The Parent Trap “and” Freaky Friday “- all of these films were basically my childhood.”

When Lohan sent the veil, Alana said, she came with a message that she could return it, if she was not satisfied with it. “I ended up texting her and telling her, ‘No, thank you. That was amazing. I’m definitely an inspiration.’

Alana said she wasn’t sure she’d post Cameo on TikTok if Lohan had actually done what she requested. She changed her mind when she received Luhan’s words of support: “My initial reaction was,” I know there is And therefore Many people who need to hear this message, and who also struggle whether or not to come out – whether or not they are honest with themselves. I didn’t think it would explode – whoever saw it, that was enough for me. “

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After blowing it up it did. Other than the occasional comment that she should claim a refund, TikTok got support for Alana – and love for Lohan. “2 Queens. I’m crying”, read 1 comment.

As for Alana’s exit – she said she knows she is bisexual or gay – the job is done. Under the rush of publicity, she spoke to her parents separately on Monday. “It was definitely nerve-wracking, and a little emotional.”

Regardless of Lohan’s request, Alana plans to leave TikTok, and said she is “confused” about why Lohan would want to remove it. In the end, you got exactly what you wanted from experience – even indirectly.

But for the naysayers in the comments who say Lohan should have done what Alana originally asked for, she disagrees: “I’m actually more grateful that she sent that instead.”

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