Royal commentator Charlie Ray and TalkRadio host Kevin O’Sullivan have spoken about the controversial decisions made by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The duo discussed choosing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to visit an American cemetery on Memorial Day with a photographer after the Queen rejected Prince Harry’s request. The commentators agreed that it was embarrassing for the royal family and the queen and claimed that other incidents could happen this year as Harry could return to the UK for private royal events.

Mr. O’Sullivan said: “This Memorial Day celebration where Prince Harry wanted to lay a wreath on his behalf for all the fallen military heroes.

“It took the Queen two seconds to say no, she left the royal family, and she did not participate in this.

“At this point, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have, somewhat grossly, their go-to military cemetery ceremony in Los Angeles.

“ A cemetery where all the American soldiers are buried to lay their wreath.

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“They were also taking precautions by having a photographer with them to turn it into a cheap and bad publicity stunt.”

“These two people are really climbing to new depths.

“I just think this has become an obvious and current daily embarrassment to the royal family, don’t you think?”

Mr. Ray agreed and insisted that this behavior could continue as Harry is set to return to the UK in 2021.

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There is also the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana in Kensington later this year.

“There will be two flights, provided by Covid-19, on which Prince Harry will be here for extensive conversations with the royal family.

“I’m sure they’ll read the right action for him about some of the things he and Meghan have been up to with Netflix and Spotify.”

O’Sullivan concluded by insisting that Megan and Harry go overboard.

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