Michigan Basketball He was determined to recover after his first loss this season.

And Wolverines did it decisively.

UM beat Maryland with relative ease Tuesday night, 87-63, Just days after suffering his first loss in Minnesota on Saturday.

Michigan led by 17 points in the first half thanks to an impressive three-point shot. The Wolverines made the first of five duos – three from point guard Mike Smith and two from forward Isaiah Leavers – and shot 8 of 14 in the first half alone. They finished 12 out of 23 from a 3-point range.

Livers scored, the game’s highest level, 20 points for 5 of 8 shots. Franz Wagner added 15 points for a 5-9.

Michigan Wolverines Franz Wagoner (21) leads Maryland Terrapins striker Donta Scott (24) during the first half on Tuesday 19 January 2021 in Ann Arbor.

Shooting wins the day

Wolverines led the way entirely thanks to shooting outside. They hit five capture and shoot 3s in the first 5:44, unlocking a 17-3 lead on Terrapins, and later adding 3s from Chaundee Brown, Brandon Johns and Wagner before halftime ended. The UM crime wasn’t able to generate so many open looks near the edge – Wolverines shot only 6 of 15 in 2s in the first half, well below the season average – but the three easily made up for it.

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