The business owner next to the Miramar warehouse that hosted Prof. New Year’s Eve party that defied public health orders He said that Thursday night’s event was not a single incident.

Sydney Rosen, owner of City Signs, told NBC 7, “The guys next door to us have been constantly hosting parties here, and I think they are ignoring the COVID rules and regulations and just doing what they do and not adhering to any conditions.”

At least three partygoers were injured during the rebellious New Year’s Eve party when a stage collapsed under the weight of a crowd, according to the San Diego Police Department. Soon after, dozens of people were seen fleeing the warehouse located on Trade Street off the Camino Santa Fe north of Miramar Road.

Rosen said many parties were held in the warehouse next to his work. Adjacent to City Signs there are two vacant suites – one directly adjacent and the other above. Both warehouses are rented by the same person and used for parties. It is unclear if the person renting the units is in charge of throwing events or whether they sublet the space.

Cigarette butts, single red cups, empty beer cans and bottles of alcohol strewn outside the area indicate that a social gathering has taken place nearby, and Rosen said he is concerned about the impact of Thursday’s event on his work.

He told NBC 7 that he was concerned that the public would wrongly assume City Signs had anything to do with parties. Rosen said he reported the events “three or four times” to 211 but did not see any action taken.

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“We felt we couldn’t call a certain number to get them to take action right away. They would take it under review, write the documents and say, ‘Okay, we’ll review it,’ which I feel is a big mistake.”

NBC 7’s Dave Summers arrived at the warehouse while guests were saying goodbye.

The property manager has also been informed of the incidents and they said that a board meeting will be held on the matter. However, nothing was done, according to Rosen.

Although throwing another party next to his work wasn’t the ideal way to end the year, Rosen said he was “relieved” that events were starting to emerge.

“The reason is that hopefully something will be done about this now rather than feeling upset about it for months and months in a row,” he said. “I just felt like my hand was tied, so I hope now, something can be done about it and people can go ahead and do what they’re supposed to do.

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