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  • OnePlus has announced a release schedule and eligible phones for Oxygen OS 11.
  • An Android 11-based open beta update will arrive on OnePlus Nord this week.
  • The company will also update the OnePlus 6 and all subsequent models with the latest software.

Over the weekend, OnePlus released the Forum sales pointsT about when you are planning to release a newer version Oxygen OS 11 update For her phones. The Android 11 based software is currently available at OnePlus 8T And the OnePlus 8 series According to the company, it will soon be rolling out to both current and old phones – in this case, the OnePlus 6 and later models.

OnePlus Nord will be the first to receive Oxygen OS 11 this month. Phone has been updated to Oxygen OS 10.5.10 Last week, OnePlus said it would launch its first open beta of Android 11 sometime this week. There is still no timeline on when to follow the stable release, but the company says it will make rollovers after gathering feedback from beta users.

Many OnePlus 7 and 7T users have been eagerly waiting for the Android 11 update previously Has been confirmed to me Android Authority It will arrive on phones before the end of 2020. However, the company now says it has encountered a problem encrypting data while transferring the update to phones. However, it has worked with Qualcomm to fix the issue and expects to release the first open beta Oxygen OS 11 for the OnePlus 7 and 7T series shortly after completing the ongoing closed beta testing.

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For OnePlus 6, Oxygen OS 11 will be the third major Android update. The phone was released with Android 8.1 Oreo pre-installed and was only supposed to receive two major updates, so it’s good to see that OnePlus is giving users an additional update there.

On the one hand, the OnePlus 6T came with Android Pie and was therefore already compatible with Android 11. Finally, OnePlus Nord N10 And the N100 It is also on the waiting list to receive the program. The phone maker says it will share more details about the update schedule for these phones at a later time.

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