Patrick Mahomes injured: QB heads still in the concussion protocol on Tuesday

Patrick Mahomes injured: QB heads still in the concussion protocol on Tuesday

Presidents of Kansas City Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is still in concussion protocol as of Tuesday noon, According to Mike Jaravolo of NFL Network. Mahomes left a Division Heads round match against Cleveland Browns In the third trimester after a concussion evaluation.

Garafolo was very clear in his letter that this is an ongoing process.

Jaravolo: “A concussion is not a sprained ankle. You can’t just sit here and say, ‘It’s going to take a certain number of weeks or days. You have a time frame for this. So you cannot expect a concussion. So when you hear things like, “Hey, there’s confidence he’s going to play” and “Looks like he’s doing a good job” and all that. “He has no symptoms now.” Yeah. This is a good thing. But you have to keep following the protocol, and while we’re sitting here now, I can tell you that it’s still in the concussion protocol at the moment, and there are steps to follow. They should increase his physical activity and then see if symptoms are caused by this. This is part of the process of being able to access everything. So yeah. I hear all optimism. I hear all the people saying he will be fine on Sunday. We don’t know for sure, but we will know that within the next couple of days, he continues to have no symptoms while making their way through this protocol. “

As Jaravolo mentions, there is Five-step process A player must complete the protocol before returning to the squad.

“Because of the protocol, that is not logical from the coach’s point of view,” Andy Reid, the coach of the team leaders, said on Monday. “I mean, you don’t have to think about it, you just have to go ahead and make sure you get an answer if there is, you have an answer if it’s not there. I can’t tell you from a medical point of view where it is. I mean, I don’t know that. So, this is it. Their decision and I just follow it. “

Bosses take on Buffalo bills to AFC Championship Sunday at 5:40 pm stock time. If Mahomes can’t play, reserve Chad Henny will be the starting midfielder expected for Presidents. Henne completed 6 of 8 assists and had 13 yards in a key scramble in a 22–17 Divisional Round win.

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