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picture: Pat Ackerman

Photographer and pixel artist Pat Ackerman He spent the last year re-imagining the entire Pokédex Pokemon Sword And the shield As old school goblins.

When you start from behind Eighth generation starters were revealed, Ackerman slowly but surely slashed every pocket monster found in the series’ latest games. And as of this week, he’s got an incredibly cool pixel-perfect set of Pokémon to showcase them.

Perhaps most impressive is Ackerman’s dedication to making his art look closer to the first generation Pokemon Games as much as possible –Pokemon yellow specially.

“ When creating these, I use a 56 x 56 board, which was the original size of the Goblins Pokemon Red / Blue / Green / YellowAckerman said Kotaku. “ I also stick to a board Yellow. I’m really focusing on the Pokemon pose, because that’s what was used to determine who they were before the 3D models. I’m trying to make them dynamic and show something unique about Pokemon. “

Ackerman’s other pixel projects span the past Pokemon Generations and Monster hunter, To beautifully capture Game Boy hardware limitations. His work can also be found in a role-playing game on a computer Monster Crown.

We have included a few of Ackerman’s favorites Pokemon Sword And the shield Sprite is at the top of this story, but be sure to check out more of his work Twitter And the Instagram.

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