Marion Ramsay, The stage and screen star, he’s dead. She was 73 years old.

Ramsey Roger Ball’s management team confirmed the news in a statement obtained by Fox News.

The star Passed successfully In which Angels Home on Thursday. The cause of death was not specified, but it was Illness Recently, I mentioned the deadline.

And her management said in a statement: “Marion carried with her kindness and the light that filled the room immediately upon her arrival.” The Hollywood Reporter. “She was afraid her light would be felt by those who knew her well. We will always miss her and love her.”

The actress is best known for portraying Sgt. Laverne Hooks in “Police Academy” films. It appeared in the first six films of the series, but it sat in the seventh and following parts TV shows.

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Marion Ramsay passed away at the age of 73 (Photo by James Lemke Jr. / WireImage)

The star reprized the role – known for her high-pitched voice – in “John Virgo: Playing for Laughs” in 1993 and “Robot Chicken” in 2006.

Most recently featured in the 2018 movie “When I Sing”.

Outside of Hollywood, Ramsay has had a career on Broadway as well, debuting as Ermengarde inHello Dolly!

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She would go on to appear in a large number of other musicals and a number of tourist productions. It should also be noted that she played a role in the musical “Miss Moffat” alongside her Bette Davis, Who famously flopped and never made it to Broadway.

Ramsay was born in Philadelphia, to me Limit Reports, and she got her first guest role as a guest on “Jefferson” in 1976, according to IMDb.

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She has also appeared in other high profile shows such as “MacGyver”, “The Addams Family” and “The Nanny”.

Deadline reports that she was an ardent advocate HIV / AIDS Awareness.

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She survived three siblings.

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