According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL NetworkCurrent Assistant Saints Coach / Narrow Ends coach Dan Campbell will be him Detroit Lions‘ Coach.

“Today, you’ll meet the next Detroit Lions coach on the Saints Staff,” Rapoport said Sunday morning. Dan Campbell, assistant coach and tight team coach New Orleans SaintsHe is expected to be the next coach of the Lions – a decision they made late this week. “

Rapoport notes, clearly, that this cannot be official until the Saints are out of the playoffs. The team is also expected to bring him in for a second interview before closing the deal, but he says hiring is “to be expected”.

Campbell was Considered the finalists The last few days since the black She hired Brad Holmes as the next General Manager Thursday. There have been reports that Detroit may have other contestants in mind, but it was never clear if there were any competitors close to Campbell.

It wouldn’t be Campbell’s first opportunity as a head coach. Back in 2015, Campbell took over the position Dolphins Interim Head Coach After Miami Joe expelled Philippine After 1-3 start. Campbell, who has been described as Players coach, Then led Miami to the record 5-7, including an emotional win over Patriots At the conclusion of the season.

Campbell didn’t win the Dolphins job in 2016, but he did Score the position of head coach assistant Next to Sean Payton with New Orleans Saints.

Campbell Comes with a lot of compliments, Including Endorsements from Bill ParcellesDrew Press, and of course Sean Payton.

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“He’s a great leader.” Payton told ESPN in 2018. “He clearly played for a long time in this league. He’s all you want. Very dedicated, hardworking. It’s exactly how he was as a player. I tried to hire him a few times and finally had the opportunity. So, we’re lucky to have him.”

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